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This is why Ann Barnhardt is becoming a darling of the Counter-jihad movement. KGS

NOTE: This guy has got a major zebiba, or prayer bump, from countless hours spent on the floor slamming his forehead into the carpet. In other words, he’s a real fundamuslim.

Death Threat #1: Dr. Moshen El-Guindy

Dear Dr. ElGuindy-

If you can dismount your six year old nephew (who is also your half-brother and your double-cousin) for long enough to read this, hear me clearly. I will never, ever, ever submit to islam, which is a satanic political system, founded by an insane con-artist pedophile dirtbag. Here’s what you need to do, Mo.


9175 Kornbrust Circle, Lone Tree, CO 80124. Come and get me, you pathetic, simpering, pants-pissing coward. Come and see what it is like to find yourself on the business end of the Second Amendment to the Constitution of the United States of America coupled with the righteous wrath of a seriously, seriously pissed off Roman Catholic. Come taste my lead. Let’s re-enact the Battle of Tours right on my front stoop. I’ll be Charles the Hammer, and you can be anonymous dead muslim number 25,497. Sound good? Anytime, you quivering sow. Anytime.

Warmly, Ann Barnhardt


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  1. (N.B. This comment first posted over at Vlad’s blog.)

    Assume for a moment that a certain ideology did not exist. Then, one day, say yesterday, a bearded, unwashed paedophile came wandering towards you out of the desert at the end of the hashish season with its eyeballs rotating in opposite directions and a sword in hand.

    In the other hand its avaricious fingers grasp a collection of demented scribblings, the seeds of a book of death and slavery that later a further collection of crippled minds would expand into the greatest pool of pure vomitus and intellectual effluent ever to pollute human social evolution.

    For a moment this apparition just stands there dribbling down its chin. Then it looks up, sees you, the antithesis of everything it represents, and puts the sword to your throat and demands that you obey or die.

    In those circumstances you, as a rational human being, would have to choose between two courses of action, you would have to ask yourself this “will I buy into this garbage or shall I put this abomination out of its misery?”

    The fact that whilst this scenario actually first took place fourteen centuries ago, and that the descendents of the dribbler are doing the same thing to you now, should have no bearing on your decision. Or otherwise. Try it.

  2. That zebiba, from countless hours head banging or from application of hot grease ?. Apparently, a zebiba is most likely to occur on the heads of elderly Egyptian men. It’s explained by the rougher weave of carpets in a poor country. Yeah, I believe that. It’s just a gang tat.

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