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Oh and they meant it as a compliment. KGS

[…] Dr. Morsy stated on Al Jazeera Satellite Channel that US fears of the MB are unfounded. He rejected the intervention of the US in Middle Eastern affairs and accused it of seeking to dominate the region for the exploitation of its raw materials, especially oil, and to make the Arab markets promote its products, especially since the real development of Egypt is definitely against American interests.

Dr. Gamal Abdel Gawad, an expert on international relations at Al Ahram Center for Political and Strategic Studies, ruled out the possibility that Egypt will be similar to the Iranian model of governance, saying: “Egypt is like Turkey in terms of its relations with the US and the Zionist entity.

SOURCE. H/T: Kaffirs Are Kool

NOTE: These fanatical fecal heads and the lame-stream media and analysts that try their damnedest to repackage them as “Jeffersonian democrats”, should be given the stiff arm. They are fanatical fundamuslims who are only two shades of gray away from Al-Qaida, and are as dangerous to the stability of the region as the Hamas. Enough with the nonsense already.


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  1. IMHO the so-called Muslim Brotherhood is nothing more than the ‘Brownshirts’, and the storm troopers of the Islamist movement, complete with their own fifth column and a propaganda ministry aided by the sympathizers in western governments, and the lackeys and lapdogs of radical Islam in the MSM .

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