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Needless to say that are hundreds of allahu akhbars being shouted. This video is one of the tamer ones in a series of four all available here at BareNakedIslam. The captured men are all clearly terrified of their captors, knowing that the end draws near, no doubt they hope it will be a quick and painless execution then one which starts at the tearing and hacking of the neck.

I watched the other three videos directly tied to this first one, and let me tell you, they’re all gruesome, people hung by their feet in front of a baying mob while the head is hacked off to a ton of allahu akhbars. Real shocking stuff.

Yes, the Italians hung Mussolini and his mistress from their feet and beat them with sticks, but they were executed first, and no one took to removing their body organs and putting them on display like in these other videos. BareNakedIslam states that in one of the videos:

“Muslim rebels play with charred corpse & remove the heart of one of the soldiers. One of the celebrating insurgent terrorists even took a bite out of the heart later.”

Like I said, real disturbing mentality on display here. This is the group the French, British and the US are supporting. I say, the West should hunt down Gadaffi and strike him with high explosives, then leave. KGS

NOTE: Any Arabic speakers out there please contact the TT and supply the transcript.

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