EU Eurocrats


Then they dare call the people who have had enough of their nonsense, “Euro-Sceptics”. The Eurocrats are the cast in the world’s biggest and most expensive socialist freak show ever, “The EU”. KGS

H/T: Gaia

The EU has given £8.8million to an immigration advisory centre in Mali, which tells people how to find jobs in Europe. The centre has found work for six people in three years.

A medical store built through aid funds in Sierra Leone, to house pharmacists and distribute free drugs, has been left derelict and is used as a urinal.

Hard-line regimes are also getting EU taxpayer funds, allowing their governments to be propped up.

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5 Responses

  1. Hey folks – who cares how much money is wasted. The Mali centre seemed a good idea at the time, and our intentions were noble and sincere.

    We really are the best of people.

  2. So long as it is not THEIR money, but OURS, what do they care?

  3. The EU just like the UN have no problem pissing money away on complete nonsense. After all it’s not their money but funds squeezed out of member nations with little accountability or oversight.

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