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Today is election day for the Finnish parliament, the True Finns stand to shake things up not only domestically but in Brussels as well. Stay tuned, the polls close at 8pm Finnish time +2hrs GMT. KGS

Soini, voted in Espoo, Finland – “The Minister List still be deliberated.”

IL: Timo Soini voted early in the morning at the Iivisniemi school in Espoo.

The True Finns’ chairman said he’s spending election Sunday with his family.

– I voted for myself, Soini said.

Timo Soini said he will vote then withdraw to his family, before joining the evening’s election results.

Soin didn’t believe that the list of ministers would be readied on Sunday.


Here is Timo Soini pointing out why the EU won’t work, and why the EU states are interested in their success in today’s Finnish parliamentary elections. This took place this past December. Thanks to Vlad for putting this together from two different videos. KGS

NOTE: The EU is just that, corrupt, undemocratic and doesn’t even follow its own rules, when it works against the agenda of those driving the institution that is, as well as creating a cult of personality of the EU itself. It’s indeed another creepy version of the USSR.

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