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From Aeneas at the ICLA:

Christian Persecution Alert! Man From Wakefield, England Faces Dismissal For Displaying A Christian Cross

A man from Wakefield, England, according to an article on the Telegraph website faces a disciplinary hearing for displaying a Christian cross on the dashboard of his work vehicle.  His employers claim that this may cause offence – I wonder who to?  Perhaps it is Muslims who are offended because sharia takes a dim view of the public display of non-Islamic religious imagery in public.

If this is the case then Wakefield District Housing has become an enabler of sharia norms.  This would be a completely unacceptable situation.  His employer needs to end their proceedings against him immediately, offer an unreserved and unambiguous public apology, and compensate him for the distress that has been caused.  It also needs to give public assurances that this discrimination will never happen again.

Victim: 64 year old electrician and  former soldier Colin Atkinson.

Perpetrator: Wakefield District Housing (WDH)

People might want to write to Wakefield District Housing from wherever they are in the world, though the letters from local people would of course be very effective. Letters from Christian organisations from across the world protesting about this outrage would also indicate that Christians are not willing to be pushed around by those who apparently seek to persecute them.

The address of Wakefield District Housing is as follows (and can also be found HERE):

Head Office
Wakefield and District Housing
Merefield House, Whistler Drive
WF10 5HX


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