Gaza Pro-Fakestinian Morons


VGNett: – I have cried all night. Just think of the video, at the last minute of his life in Gaza, which he loved so well is really difficult to tackle, “said Huwaida Arraf, one of the founders of the International Solidarity Movement, Arrigoni was part of .

NOTE: While it is indeed regrettable that this activist and supporter for terrorism was murdered by “the other terrorist thugs” in the Hamas run strip (I’d have preferred for him to sit in jail for aiding terrorism), this can also be a mighty be wake-up call for all those who truly mean well, but haven’t a clue at all to the mindset they are getting between the sheets with.

You’re a tool, a device by which the jihadis can manage to pick away at the Jewish state on the international level. They loathe the very lifestyles these Westerners represent, and hold them in contempt, especially the ones who refuse their advances to convert to Islam. They’re infidel-dhimmis to be used as pawns. Just saying.

The Elder is right, he was indeed a hater.


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  1. It is disgusting for anyone to be murdered–especially so brutally, but this should be a clear warning that people are only being used. When your use is done so are you. An interesting aside. We just heard that some guy from Hamas is saying it was Israel’s fault–yep–the speaker said “he was sure” that Israel must have infiltrated the group and told them to commit this crime (in Gaza?) After living here for years I should not be shocked, you really can’t make this sh*t up.

    1. In full agreement Nili. It’s like people who keep wild animals for pets, and then one day when they turn on the owner, they’re shocked.

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