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Smell of fear in Brussels.

It’s about time for a serious shake up at the polls. Sadly, in European politics, this is as best as it gets. So go True Finns go. KGS

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H/T: Fjordman

[…] And while the anti-Islam, xenophobic (TT: realistic) platform of the True Finns may repel many, the core of the party’s message is patriotism — one combining traditionalism, conservatism and an image of being upfront and down-to-earth. Soini himself seeks to be an embodiment of that image. He has lived in the same 90-square-meter (970 square foot) apartment in Espoo, the second-largest city in Finland, for the last 42 years.

‘Members Rather than Subjects’

It was partly that background which led him to quickly recognize the growing anger in Finland with the succession of euro-zone bailouts that — from the perspective of many in the country — have mainly benefitted countries that have not traditionally been as fiscally conservative as Finland. Finns, as he sees it, are growing tired of always toeing the Brussels line.

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  1. Well – I’ve already voted – and might I venture to say that my vote would have to be regarded as pretty consistent with the philosophy of the admirable TundraTabloids.

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