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This is the from the Facebook page of the executed pro-terrorist, who championed the very people that murdered him in cold blood. One thing the Tundra Tabloids learned earlier on in life, choose your friends wisely. Here’s an example of Vittorio’s vitriol against the Jewish state:

Vittorio Arrigoni: Massacres of civilians, illegal weapons, settlers, ethnic cleansing, extra-judicial killings, one of the worst regimes in the world of apartheid, racist laws, courts distinguish between “Jews ” and “non-Jews, ” universities that support employment and cleaning Palestine’s ethnic …

So this guy made a career out of snuggling up to terrorists while hurling lies and assaults at Israel. As my mother used to say, you’ve made your bed, now you have to sleep in it, and in this case it means his grave. KGS

Vittorio Arrigoni waving to the mob that would one day turn on him.

NOTE: An acquaintance reminds the Tundra Tabloids that Arrigoni was known to his captors as an International Solidarity Movement member, and realized that he was a “valuable asset” to Hamas. This has got to tell you something about the dynamics to the cozy relationship “human rights” activist groups have with genocidal maniacs.

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  1. “pro-terrorist”? Who paid you to write this crap? LIES!

    1. Hey Mary, if you pimp for Hamas, you’re supporting terrorists. Who pays you to be such an idiot?

    2. If one live, sleep and support idiots, don’t be surprised if your own idiocy will haunt you some day…. hehe

  2. Darwin Award anyone? When will these lefty idiots learn? First it was “St. Pancake” Corrie, now, this whanker. I suppose the “Fags for Palestine” idiots are next. Has anyone ever actually bothered to school them on what happens to homosexuals in that part of the world?

  3. Am sure only idiots like this page publisher can believe this rubbish! Hey.. Idiots are rare fortunately :)))


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