We shall have to see on this one, there’s no information as to the ethnic background of the victim and the person hospitalized, or what took place, but the tying up of a female then burning her alive is something new here. KGS

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Woman bound in chair found in burning apartment

Thursday, 04.14.2011 at 10.54
According to a Kainuu Sanomat (newspaper) informant, a foreign woman was found tied to a chair in yesterday’s arson after the house fire was distinguished. Rescue Department and the police indicated that one person  in the apartment was hospitalized.

The arson was already the second inside a day. Rescue fire alarm came on Wednesday at 20:11. A passer-by reported the fire. Emergency department got the fire quickly under control. One person was hospitalized at Nakertajantie 1 in the fire that broke out in Kajaani. Police and fire department do not confirm that a tied woman was found in the dwelling.

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  1. When a news report never gives a name or description, is that code for Muslim or do you folks up north never identify any criminals in the media?

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