Australia Lying Bastards Lying Muslims


No matter how many times it’s said, you really can’t make this stuff up if you tried. The Shiekh informs the TT that two Muslims already convicted and sentence to life terms in prison for the murder of Ahmed Fahda, are to be retried by an Australian court based solely on the testimony of sheikh Taj el-Din al-Hilali who was seen in a video taken from a security camera in the mosque he himself was trashing, his own mosque mind you, then reported it to the police as an act of vandalism.

Here’s Sheikh Taj el-Din al-Hilali, the very same sheikh who labeled women wearing un-Islamic clothing as nothing more than cat meat.

Australian Islamist Monitor has the following:

In a unanimous decision the New South Wales Court of Criminal Appeal has quashed the conviction and ordered a retrial on the grounds of new evidence.

The new information is a conversation between Sydney’s Sheikh Taj el-Din al-Hilali and a key witness in the trial, Bassam Said.

“He (Bassam Said) said to me, ‘I swear, father Sheikh, what I saw with my own eyes, I did say in my first statement. I assure you and I swear by Allah to you that I did not recognise the killers, I did not recognise anyone. However the police do not believe me and the continue to insist and put pressure on me and ask me to confess that I recognise the killers’,” the affidavit said. (source)

So this is the moron upon whose testimony the courts are going to reopen a case, and all on the taxpayers expense and retry the two thugs already sentenced to life imprisonment. Brilliant. KGS

H/T: From The Sheikh (PBUH) himself.

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  1. The “Sheik”entered Australia as an illegal immigrant in the 80s. He was to be deported but because he resided in an electorate in the south western area of Sydney heavily saturated with Muslim supporters of the then Labour government, some back room shenanigans and arm twisting in the seat of power led to a reversal of that decision and he was allowed to stay.

    If justice had been done he would be back in Egypt not living off the Australian tax payer.

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