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  1. I sympathize with Condell’s comment that he can’t embrace liberals anymore but still can’t embrace conservatives. In the end, what we find all too often is that both liberals and conservatives are corrupted by Saudi petro-dollars such that the political leaders of both sides are incapable of standing up against Islamo-Fascism.

    Condell is further hampered by the fact that European governments are parliamentary systems where the individual voter has less impact on the behavior of the ruling assemblies. Fortunately, we don’t have that problem here in America, but we still have the former problem of petro-dollar corruption.

  2. anybody who is liberal,humanist,open minded,impassionate,impartial,kind,compassionate,loving,caring human individual come to the conclusion ,after gaining knowledge,truth,facts about ISLAM from QQUURRANN,SIRA,HADITHS – that ISLAM does not belong in the human civilization for progress,peace,prosperity,kind and with universal human values. ISLAM is toxic ,a plague, a cancer, a totalitarian,fascist (worse than NAZISM and communism put together ),blood thirsty,extreamly regressive, intolerant,misogynist,hatefilled theology. ISLAM is like sewage.

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