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Egypt Health Ministry reports one killed and 71 injured after military disperses Tahrir sit-in

While the army continues to assure that no live rounds were fired on protesters early Saturday, the Egyptian Health Ministry confirms one death and many injured, including with gunshot wounds

A report issued by Egypt’s Ministry of Health says that one person was killed and another 71 injured during clashes between the army and demonstrators early Saturday in Tahrir Square.

The report says that of those injured, 24 were transported to Mounira Hospital, three to Hilal Hospital and three to Kobri El-Qubba Hhospitalm while 41 were treated on the spot in Tahrir Square.

The report also stated that injuries included wounds resulting from gunshots, shortness of breath, fainting, bruises and fractures.

The army has assured it had fired no live rounds on civilians. According to Reuters sources, two were confirmed dead.


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  1. A few more incidents like these and our Egyptian pals will be begging for Mr. H. Mubarak to return.

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