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Vlad posts the following report concerning the same governmental lack of respect in Israel for its own citizens, as in elsewhere in Europe, in allowing uncontrolled illegal migrational to spill over its borders. It’s the same thing there as in Europe and in the US. Vlad hits a home run with this one, which at first looks like a major PR problem, but what the heck, Israel is a state like all others, and has it fair share of politicians that refuse to follow existing laws.

That said, there is also a point worth mentioning, if Israel were to properly expel it’s illegals like France did with the Romanian Roma beggars, (Gypsies), the whole world would rise up in condemnation. That might be one consideration that keeps Israeli politicians looking the other way. Here’s Vlad:

I post this because on my youtube channel I face many antisemites each day ranging from the full knuckle draggers to the ones that actually mix some rational fact with their Jew-hatred. One of the common memes being spread by the more knuckle dragging variety is that Jews across the world are attempting to force tons of Muslim immigration into Europe somehow, while keeping Israel ‘pure’ in some unfathomable manner. Unfathomable at least to me as Jews range from Chinese, Ethiopian, White American etc.

Let’s assume that they mean Israel is kept ‘Pure Jewish’ (whatever that means) and escapes the mass migration of people from failing states to Western style democratic ones where there is wealth and human rights. Then this video should be revealing to them. But it won’t be. Jew Hate is not rational. I have never encountered an antisemite that hates Jews because of some belief oriented issue or even a behaviour based one. They invent reason to hate Jews usually projecting the worst attributes of humanity as a whole onto ‘Jews’ in an invasion of the body snatchers like way, and hope perhaps to expunge themselves and humanity of those attributes by killing Jews. In any case, it rarely if ever deals with any facts.

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  1. You’re right KGS, this is not just a problem in Israel, but also in Europe and USA. Illegal immigrants work for a lower price, but let’s not forget that Israeli’s also need a job themselves. Same goes for the USA and Europe. But the world holds different standards when it comes to Israel. A while ago there was a research suggesting that Israel had become a racist state and the kids were becoming racist. What did they ask the kids? If they liked Arab music. So apparently disliking Arab music makes you a racist. I don’t like Chinese or Japanese music myself, but that doesn’t make me a racist.
    Israel has problems like any other nation. When Dubai or any other Gulfstate expel or abuse workers you won’t hear it from the Human Right organizations. In this case, it is about ILLEGAL immigrants. You want to immigrate to Israel? Fill in your papers, get yourself a job, learn the language and send your kids to school. How hard can it be?

  2. By the way did you notice how biased ‘the reporter’ is?

  3. As an Israeli, I’ve been through the area (on several occasions) and was never so glad to leave a place behind. It is beyond disgusting. And it is not just Tel Aviv. My neighborhood in Jerusalem is slowly being overrun to the point where I am moving–out of fear. A large number of the illegals are Muslims–you know, they guys whose purpose in life is to kill Jews, yet the world wants us to accept tens of thousands of them into our midst? Even Egypt (a Muslim country) will not accept them. Do we not have enough enemies on all sides that we must import them into our midst? I do blame our government. Somewhere along the line they have become so weak-kneed and politically correct they are willing to sacrifice what little we have left of Israel. I have no qualms about throwing the lot of them back to where they came from. They don’t want to integrate–they just take and destroy.

    1. Thank you Nili for commenting about this. It’s a perspective not often heard. Islamization that’s joined to the hip with mass or even illegal migration is something that all western states have to contend with, Israel included. This drives the stake through the myth that anti-Semites like to propagate, that Israel remains “pure” (whatever that means) while Jews (meaning Leftists) flood Europe with Muslims and other 3rd world migrants.

      If you have any other thoughts about this, please let me know and I’ll consider publishing them.

  4. Its the same here in Ireland we are being flooded with fake African asylum seekers mainly from Nigeria who just live on welfare and our stupid government will not do anything i sympathize deeply with you

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