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It’s a start.

For 10 people to gather in public in a country where extremist Leftism has run amok for generations is an accomplishment all by itself. The thuggish “anti-fascist” mob (read = against anyone rejecting herd mentality) cannot tolerate independent thinking and freedom of discourse, and they’ll make their disapproval known with both fists and rocks.

The Norwegian Defence League kicked off its first ever public demo, with only a handful of people showing up. It shouldn’t come as a surprise, seeing that 700-1000 Leftist drones showed up to defend Islam and it’s totalitarian sharia. Here are a few pics from the Dagbladet, H/T Fjordman.

Fjordman: Those who showed up for the counter-demo, generally Marxists and far-Leftists plus Muslims, are systematically called “anti-racist activists” in the MSM while the people from the NDL are “right-wing extremists” even though they were physically attacked.

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  1. I think you’ve got it wrong, mate. It’s kinda funny though, reading your propaganda. Makes me sick though.

    Now, I’m hopeful that the nazis will piss off and get out of here.

    1. Ahh, one of the brainwashed drones (READ = HARD CORE MARXISTS) pays the TT a visit. What a fountain of knowledge you’ve turned out to be. Drive-by smear shot. Nice going knuckle head.

    2. Skjønner ikke helt at du greier å misse formålet med NDL, de er ikke imot Islam, men at Norge skal bli kuet av Islam. Noe som vil skje når ekstremistene blir mange nok. Å kalle NDL Nazister er jo helt på jordet. De har hatt et problem med at nazister har prøvd å komme seg inn i gruppen, men de har klart sagt ifra at de ikke er velkommen. Holdningen til NDL er den samme som resten av den vestlige verden , frihet/demokrati , er alle plutselig nazister da. Du/dere bommer totalt med den påtvingte båsen som dere prøver å sette de i.
      Et utrolig feigt virkemiddel for å rette folkemassenes blikk direkte i negativ retning mot de.

      (TT edited: Translation by Google)
      Do not quite understand that you manage to miss the purpose of the NDL, they are not against Islam, but that Norway should be subjugated by Islam. Something will happen when the extremists will be enough. Calling NDL Nazis is totally off the wall. They’ve had a problem with the Nazis tried to get into the group, but they have clearly said from that they are not welcome. The attitude of the NDL is the same as the rest of the western world, freedom / democracy, all of a sudden when the Nazis. You / you totally miss the påtvingte stall as you try to put those in.

      An incredibly cowardly means to inform people of the masses look directly in a negative way towards them.

  2. The demonstration was a fail, an epic fail. 10 nazis showed up, about 700 antirasists showed up.

    1. Right, and hardline Communists drones like yourself (as well as being pseudo anti-racists) are the best judges on who’s a ultra-nationalist socialist. Yep, the Nor-Vegan boneheads are coming out of the closet on this one.

  3. Its quite sad to notice how badly brainwashed people are…I mean those 700-1000 who held that counter demo for example. They are willing to defend “until death” an ideology and system called islam and not noticing that the very same ideology wouldnt tolerate them if it was in power. Or then they are muslims themselves…Well we have always known that thugs tdo do-operate to stay in power like URA and MAFIA for example, maybe its the same with a far-left and extreme-islam.

  4. Theese left wing radicals are indeed brain washed.

    The article is compleetly correct.

    1. Thanks Toby!

      They are indeed brainwashed, they can’t dare step out of the herd to think for themselves, they’re drones. These are the ones to whom I refer to as “Nor-Vegans”. The actual Vegans try to eliminate all animal fat from the body, Nor-Vegans try to eliminate all common sense and reason from the body.

      1. Brilliant definition of the herd.
        One gets a bit astonished over the saturday demo.

        Where were the muslims? Only Nor-Vegans attended.
        Do the Nor-Vegans really know what thay are protesting against?

        I think they don´t. Theese people are against anything.

  5. Norwegian people want to wake up want Islam is evil Religion look what is going in the world its a Muslim uprising so listen to NDL people of Norway

  6. De 700 venstrefascistene burde flytte til Malmö. Etter to uker er de kurerte for alltid!

    1. Translation: The 700 left-fascists should move to Malmö. After two weeks they are cured forever!

  7. Its kind of sad to see you all making the same mistake of equaling a deomstration against the bigoted NDL as a pro-islamism demonstration. But then its one thing that the internets have taught me: You guys are incapable of seeing the world in anything but black and white. Some of us oppose extremists of all stripes.

    1. I don’t believe you’re against the Islamization of Norway, otherwise, you would see through the nonsense leveled at people from your side of the aisle against people not wanting their liberal society to become another 3rd world backwater state. Leftists, meaning from both the camps of international and national socialists, are incapable of rational thought because their ideologies are based on faulty sciences, rendering them to be nothing more than a cult following.

      The Tundra Tabloids’ support for limited government based on the defense of the individual, that includes free speech, property rights, free market capitalism and freedom from tyranny government that imposes all kinds of grandiose schemes like highly destructive multiculturalism, by default, makes me not an extremist, far from it.

      Those who seek to impose their ideologies by lying to the people, twisting facts and reality, as well as refusing to listen to the will of the people after they finally wizen up, are the extremists. Those of you who demonstrate against people defending a modern western society against a totalitarian ideology, are the extremists, not the NDL.

      You got it all ass backwards.

      P.s. If you really oppose extremists, oppose yourself and your fellow brownshirts in the Circle A

  8. keep fighting dear friends, NDL. you must educate that multi-culturalism changes when islam enters into the picture. educate of the true evil that islam is, work it strongly,educate and develop the warriors needed for the coming have a hard job there it seems,but remember you have the truth on your side,and you are not,do the ground work. the islam is evil this the whole world knows. do not lose hope eventually you will win,we in American are with you. we are with you in the fight.

  9. The problem in Norway is that the common man in the street are so afraid of being looked at as a rasist.

    I support NDL 100% and this article is completly true, they are comming to OUR country to spread their religion like a virus, i dont want Islam here at all.

    And the Norwegian goverment is to afraid to stand up against UN and say that we wont acept anymore of theese people, which just makes it worse, Oslo now is a hopeless place, they are allowed to spread their decease over our great capital whitout anyone that will stand up against them.

    A newspaper made an article about the 10 worst assualt rapes in Norway, all 10 of them was commited by men that belived in Islam.

    In the end im sorry for my bad English.

    1. Patriot, don’t worry about your English, you do just fine. You hit the nail on the head, there has to be a latin word for having a fear of being called a racist.

  10. Thank you for that KGS.

    I would also use the oppertunity to thank you for makeing a great site like this.
    At least someone have the courage to stand tall.

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