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This article is supposed to be a real tear jerker, the purpose of which is to make the reader to identify with the pirate. But the TT will spare you all that here, you can click the link to read the heart bleeding rest. The only portion posted here is to show you the lunacy of present day thinking, which is so mind numbingly idiotic that one could almost be forgiven for contemplating the use of Somalia’s own laws in delivering justice. KGS

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German Justice Through the Eyes of a Somali Pirate

Spiegel Online.

Hung from the Yardarm

In the past, pirates were hung from the yardarm or dumped into the sea. In Somalia, their hands and feet would be chopped off, at the very least. The German government, however, has had 10 pirates transported 6,000 kilometers to grant them a fair trial. In this sense, the trial in courtroom 337 at the Hamburg district court is also providing Germany with a chance to reaffirm the superiority of its democratic values, including its commitment to the rule of law.

The pirates are being charged with attacking maritime traffic and abduction with intent to extort money, for which the maximum penalty is 15 years for adults and 10 for minors. It ought to be a short trial, given the amount of evidence piled up in the room where the court keeps its exhibits: ladders, knives, pistols, five assault rifles, two grenade launchers and a cricket bat.

On the other hand, the Dutch also fired their weapons, leading to questions like: Who was responsible for which bullet holes? Evidence deteriorates quickly in the salty sea air. There are no fingerprints, and most of the defendants have been tight-lipped. Nevertheless, the court is leaving no stone unturned in its effort to prove who did the shooting and what kinds of weapons were used. If the rule of law is supposed to be a universal principle, there can be no second-class justice for Somali pirates.

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NOTE: Hanging them from the yardarm and tossing their remains into the sea would be in fact, justice, for any pirate. Now they’ve managed to reduce justice by making it into a mockery. They should reintroduce penal colonies, this time for pirates.

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  1. What will be their punishment? Perhaps taking away their flip flops for six months, or give them a stern warning. Give us a break, the Russians have a more direct method of dealing with pirates and terrorists, it’s called eliminating the problem.

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