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IBM and the Nazis

This is just begging for a deeper investigation. Frank Gaffney, from the Center for Security Policy does us all a mighty big favor in highlighting the latest moves by the Bill Gates organization. Something real rotten is taking place.

In some ways it’s very much reminiscent of the West’s trading relationship with Nazi Germany during a pre-WW II Europe. As they should have known back then in the 30’s, the West should already know now, exactly, what the Muslim Brotherhood is all about, and well in advance of Egyptian elections.

Somehow it feels like history repeating itself all over again. KGS

More here.

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  1. Hopefully you know that Bill Gates has long retired from Microsoft. I’d also add that their R&D center in Herzliya was established under Bill Gates’ leadership and was (probably still is) Microsoft’s largest off-shore R&D center.

    I believe Microsoft is now on their 3rd CEO (Gates included) and it wouldn’t hurt to look and see how their leadership has changed over the years.

    An example of similar stories escapes me. However, I’ve seen philo-Semitic companies morph into anti-Semitic monsters. Some of these companies were even established by Jews and/or Zionists. I’m not certain that’s happening here, but a story like this grabs my attention.

    With Gates retired from Microsoft, this is the kind of story worth keeping an eye on.

  2. This story should get out. Maybe you could send it to JihadWatch so Robert Spencer will pick it up.

  3. The self hating self destructive in the West continue to join the marching morons.

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