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Oh how thoughtful of the District Court of Haarlem, like these Catholic schools really needed to hear their say so, but that’s the world we live in presently, where the obscenely obvious needs mulling over by the courts and politicians. KGS

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Catholic Schools Allowed to Ban Headscarves

Catholic schools are allowed to forbid Islamic pupils to wear headscarves. Such an item of clothing is in conflict with the Christian principles of the institution, which are protected by freedom of education, a district court in Haarlem ruled yesterday. Don Bosco College, a Catholic secondary school in Volendam, forbade a 15 year old pupil, Imane Mahssan, to wear a headscarf. The girl then took the school to court, but has now lost the case.

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  1. Great decision. Non-Muslims wouldn’t even be admitted to a Muslim school, let alone propagating their different faith (or non-faith) with a certain way of clothing or accessories (like a crucifix for example).

  2. I don’t understand this. Many Catholics wear headscarves, some even wear them in the style of the hijab, so what right does a Catholic school have to ban the scarf? Are they going to go around asking kids wearing scarves if they’re Muslim or Christian?

    1. Kay, Catholics who headscarves do so, not for political reasons, but for purely religious ones, and the ones I know, only do so in Church. The hijab is not just a religious symbol, but a political one as well. You will have to ask why, before the Turkish AKP fundamuslim party took power in Turkey, why they had a headscarf ban in public life as well. They knew of the political ramifications, the intimidation to “cover up” the fundamuslims would impose on other females, and on the males of the households to “keep their women in line”.

      There is no reason for a girl to wear a headscarf outside of her individuals prayers at home and inside her mosque.

      1. What if the girl chooses to just wear our of freedom of expression? It doesn’t necessarily have to be a political reason. It could be just her personal choice to wear the hijab as her own expression of modesty without forcing others to accept her ways. Just because she’s wearing a headscarf doesn’t mean that everyone else has to wear it. It’s like she doesn’t have a wear a crucifix around her neck while Catholics there would do that.

        1. The problem is Oliver, the movement to wear the hijab stems from a political drive by the local Muslim leaders, from the mosque. It’s not by accident that secularists in the Muslim arab world….understand this.

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