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Read between the lines here. The reason for women only Saturday swimming is to accomodate Muslim sharia. That they invite all women is irrelevant. Creating gender apartheid-like events in Swedish society, once an alien thought, is now being mainstreamed. Islamization in full swing. KGS

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New Malmö swim hall inaugurated

Sydsvenkan: Malmo. Rosengard’s swimming pool facility was inaugurated on Tuesday. With noise and splash. The thirty children who took the first dip was satisfied.

– It’s great fun! We were the first to see how it has become, “said Dorothea Petrovic.

The newly built bathhouse in Rosengard is part of a major investment by the municipality. A bath in Hyllie is also planned, as well as a training pool. But above all, the bath in Rosengard is an effort to promote swimming ability of school children and women, according to Bianca Gustafsson, Division Chief of Rosengard’s pool facility.

– Swimming ability in the field has not been the best. Therefore, it is fantastic that we got a bath so located right in Malmo.

The indoor pool is three feet deep, fit for teaching. Schools and clubs are the ones who will have access to the pool during the school term. But in summer it is open to anyone who wants to take a dip. One special focus on women.

We will be open only to women on Saturdays. For them to feel comfortable to swim and show off, “says Bianca Gustafsson.

What was previously an outdoor swimming pool is now, therefore, a swimming pool of fresh, clean locker rooms. And it was appreciated by Rosengard School fourth graders.

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  1. I don’t get this–grew up in the US where if Orthodox Jews wanted “separate swimming” hours, they could probably get them at the JCC (Jewish Community Center). Why don’t the Muslims do the same?

    BTW, in another accomodation ploy, the Church of Sweden is now urging its priests not to christen asylum seekers–so they won’t get killed as Christian martyrs when they are deported. Now that’s combating the Christian martyr problem head on isn’t it? We cover it on Sweden Israel and the Jews blog…

    1. Thanks Chanah. I agree with you, thre is nothing wrong with private facilities built to accommodate certain values, but the problem here is that in contrast to Jewish life, Muslims do not want Islam and their value system to remain in the private sector, they want to influence society at large. They are not content to their way of life separate from the larger non-Muslim community. So we see situations like this crop up time and again.

  2. Well that’s one way to prevent rapes at Swedish swimming pools. Another way would be to partition according to race/religion rather than gender. So say, a civilized swimming day without Muslims or (deleted). Getting to the core and fairer still: a swimming day without Muslim or (deleted) men. (Edited due to TPM’s infatuation with racism against Blacks)

  3. If the followers of the teachings of the prophet want separate facilities then by all means let them build and maintain them with their own money. The rules must be the same for everyone at public bathing or swimming pools, or the Muslims have won another round in the battle towards Sharia Law and the establishment of the Caliphate.

    1. private facilities is one thing, public facilities are completely another. You’re right Frank.

  4. Hope that crapola doesn’t catch on at the oulun uimahalli!

    1. Hi John, Oulu is too far north for the mohammedans, so no problem there as of yet.

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