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The following story can  be summed up by the following:

Amazing shahada how annoying the sound, “there is no god but Mohammed and Allah is his alibi. I once was sane, but now I’m not, was once with sight but now I’m a blind fundamuslim”

Why did my middle class brother turn into an Islamic extremist who won’t be seen on TV with our mother if she’s not wearing a veil?

Folks, it’s called brainwashing. If the cult of Islam had but a few thousand adherents, its followers and ideology would be rightfully discredited as they should be. Since the Ideology of Perpetual Outrage (IPO) has hundreds of millions of followers and have built cultures and societies around that failed system, the modern (and unsure of itself) West takes a different view altogether.

The difference between this set of brainwashed miscreants and other Muslims not taking to the streets, (especially in not denouncing these morons) is because they are less brainwashed, and are influenced by western thinking, making them less “fundamuslimy”. KGS

DailyMail continues: As a youngster, growing up in the sunny seaside town of Weymouth, Dorset, he harboured dreams of becoming a builder. That was before his transformation.

Now he refuses to use his right hand to shake hands with step-brother Robb Leech from whom he was inseparable last summer on a family holiday to Cyprus.

Instead he uses his ‘dirty’ left hand – the same one he uses after going to the toilet.

Within the space of just six months he has abandoned his family and believes the UK should be run by strict Sharia law – which means cutting off the hands of thieves and stoning women for cheating.

Now, in a controversial new documentary made by his brother, Robb has attempted to understand Rich’s journey throughout this drastic change in lifestyle.

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My what difference a year makes!

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