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Labeling slaughtered meat Halal or Kosher in a public grocery store is not much to ask, people are able to choose for themselves whether or not to purchase meat slaughtered in the Islamic way (which is well below Jewish law standards) or Kosher meat.

Many people have a problem eating meat sacrificed to a foreign deity, but haven’t a problem eating meat dedicated to the Gd of Abraham Isaac and Jacob. So, in the TT’s opinion, Jews shouldn’t disagree too much, their sales will remained unchanged, while the Mohammedans’ takes a nose dive. No Jew would ever slaughter an animal this way. KGS

H/T Scottish Infidel

Religious slaughter meat should be labelled, says minister

Meat that has been slaughtered in a religious way should be clearly labelled, according to the Food and Farming minister.

The Telegraph: His comments came as the European Parliament prepared to debate the highly controversial issue, with a late amendment to a food labelling bill being described by a leading Jewish organisation as “the 21st century equivalent of the yellow star, but on our food”.

Jim Paice, the food and farming minister, has told the Daily Telegraph that he would like to introduce a labelling system that allows consumers to see whether meat has been stunned or not before it has been slaughtered.

Failure to stun is legal under religious freedom laws. A relatively small, but increasing, proportion of Halal slaughterings and all Shechita – the Jewish method – slit the animals’ throats while they are still conscious.

Vets and animal welfare campaigners say that refusal to stun an animal before it its throat is cut leads to “unacceptable levels of suffering and pain”.

Mr Paice said: “We think this is a welfare issue not a religious one.”

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  1. Why do you lie about the jewish slaughtering method? There are more than enough videos on the net where you can watch both of them. They are both equally brutal, so there is no justification to declare oneself solidary with the jews’ method while condemning the mohammedan way.

    Let me say in general that your views are too ‘philo-semitic’ with ostention. Taking a healthily sceptic stance towards anything jewish doesn’t make you an ‘antisemite’ (same nonsense term like ‘islamophobe’). Many jews are religion-driven orientals, similarly insane as mohammedans. They both are related and neighbours, so any other result would have been a surprise.

    1. You’re wrong Michael. Slitting the throat of an animal is strictly trained for and the dullness of the blade is watched with a keen eye. In other words, Jews are far more exact in their methods than Muslims are. I’m not against slaughter of animals without the use of stunning first, anymore than I am against hunting, which leaves many animals writhing in pain before they’re finally killed.

      My argument against Halal is that its used a means to spread Islamization, as well as being a more brutal form of killing animals. All you have to see is how they (Muslims) sharpen their knives like a chef ready to cut a steak as opposed to Jews taking great care in how a knife keeps its razor edge and ensuring that all the main arteries are cut in a single stroke. I’ve watched the films as well, and there is indeed a big difference.

    2. “Many jews are religion-driven orientals, similarly insane as mohammedans”

      Wow, this is just insulting. I’m afraid there is something seriously wrong with you if you can’t see the difference between Judaism and Islam.

      1. Yeah you’re right POTB, this guy has a Jew problem, that’s plain for all to see.

  2. This is clearly written by a jew, i see a problem related to “stop islamicization instead promote zionism and judaism” if you think the halal or kosher way is painful,..just look at what mcdonalds and kfc are doing. Ever wondered why their food is so inexpensive?. and they dont follow any religion besides other than capitalism. so please fight for the right cause and stop confusing people who are already uneducated.

    Starting from stopping china from ripping fur off animals while they are alive, might be a good start. because the halal way atleast swipes the blade quickly across the throat, but what about ripping fur off the flesh and leaving the animal twitch and cry, yet they don’t find themselves at the mercy of death. Why aren’t you fighting for this?

    1. Whether or not it was written by ‘A JEW’ is immaterial, halal is a knock down version of traditional Jewish slaughtering rites, schechita. Halal is not exact in the methodology the way animals are treated and slaughtered. Halal is also another means in spreading Islam and Islamizing a community and therefore must be stopped.

  3. stop halal meat in the America ,uk and Europe and Australia,
    please stop it, think more,help!

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