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It’s election time in Finland. There’s been a series of debates between the leaders of the various parties over the past few weeks. Last night’s debate between the top four parties (seated from left to right), Jutta Urpilainen (SDP), Jyrki Katainen (Kok), Timo Soini (True Finns) and Mari Kiviniemi (PM Center Party) revealed an interesting statement. H/T Vasarahammer.

Towards the very end of the debate which focused exclusively on Finnish domestic issues as well as the EU financial mess, the very last question to the debating panel was by a Leftist concerning the Libyan question. There’s been a lot of talk about whether Finland needs to involve itself by offering some of it’s F-16’s especially since Sweden has went along with the coalition.

Question: “Now that the West has decided to go into Libya to bring democracy with the barrel of a gun, what should we do in your opinion with some of EU’s allies, like for example, Saudi Arabia where there are hardly any kind of human rights there at all? I’m also interested in how are you going to defend the implemtation of human rights, for example in the Palestinian areas.”

Actually, It’s great that the issue of Saudi Arabia came up, and identified by this leftist as a country which doesn’t respect human rights for its citizens. The Tundra Tabloids suspects however, that the sole intention of the question was sling an arrow more than to highlight Saudi Arabia’ deplorable HR record.

But what came next was a wonderful surprise:

Timo Soini: “I don’t want to take Finland to war anywhere. This is an extremely grave reminder of the development that’s happened in different Arab countries, but when Mubarak left there wasn’t a democracy that materialized, there is a 75 year old general currently in power, that’s what has happened.

Where the Middle East is concerned, I am a friend of Israel I dare to say, which is surrounded by hostile Arab states. It has (Israel) the right to live and to exist.

Great to see a Finnish politician of great influence who’s a friend of Israel, and who by the way, was the only one sitting there who offered Israel support. You can interpret what Timo Soini said as a direct answer to the leftist who asked the question. KGS

NOTE: The debate (in Finnish) can be seen here

UPDATE: The Hell-singing Sanomat has an article about last night’s debate. No mention of Soini’s support for Israel, which is par for the course, as well as a good indicator that his pro-Israel views are not a negative factor, otherwise they would have filled their headlines with it. The state funded news org. YLE has its report here, with no mention of Soini’s pro-Israel views either.

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  1. Great indeed, It reminds me of our election debate. The question was which country would you visit if you’ll win the elections. Wilders’ answer was: Israel, to show my support. There were many people who loved that answer. I was one of them.

  2. Don’t you ever trust Mr. Soini. He is misleading the voters. His closest running mate in the party denies Holocaust. They are rasits, antisemites and extremists. Don’t you ever trust them. Soini and his party are simply neo-fascists. For more information, please contact Ilya Spiegel in Helsinki, phone: +358 50 344 23 45.

    1. Well, Ilya, I am in full disagreement with you. So If you want a continuation of the present immigration policies by the main parties, look forward to hundreds of thousands of Muslims filling the southern areas of Finland. We will be then reading about the burning suburbs of Helsinki and no go zones in 10 -15 years coupled with Jews leaving in droves for elsewhere as it becomes too risky for the wearing of a yarmulke or a Magen David.

      Honestly, I have more worries about the socialists and Islamization than I do about the Basic Finns. You have your priorities mixed up.

      1. There is only one priority, to be a human. Being a Jew does not mean to be an enemy of Muslims. There is nothing wrong about Islam as such. As Jews, we can not support European ultranationalists who utilize hatred against Islam and other minorities. Timo Soini is a a head of a fascist party and he is not a friend of Jews.

        1. Please spare me the “be human” nonsense, that’s an affront to all sane, rational thinking people. Saying no to totalitarian Islamofascism is not being “not human”, it’s sane, rational, individual and cultural preservation. You say there is nothing wrong with Islam as such, how can you as a Jew swallow that line, while the koran, hadiths and and the sunna of mohamed contain page after page of anti-Semitic passages that have moulded generations of Muslims to believe that they are indeed at war with the Jews, and Christians for that matter. Those Islamic texts have more to do with Islamic anti-Semitism than any Nazi German influence could ever have.

          You’re logic flies in the face of stark reality. European ultranationalists are in fact hard Left-wingers, True Finns are Center-Left, being right of the SDP. You however, are not a friend of the Jews, regardless if you are indeed one. Rushing to defend a monoculture like Islam, in the name of “multiculturalism”, is absolute suicide.

          Demonizing a party like you do of the True Finns is disgusting, infantile and shows you know nothing about what you’re talking about.

  3. Ilya should read or watch Islamic media on the Holocaust. Most of it manages to hold two contrary views at the same time. First view is that the Holocaust never happened, while simultaneously praising Hitler for killing all those Jews. Par for the multicultural course I guess. As for “fascists” it would be nice if for once someone who used the term defined it for us. I guess we are supposed to call you for that?

  4. I am thankful for this review KGS. unlike our buddy Ilya.
    I can’t see the use of being hypocrites on the net, and I’ll turn to you now Mr. Spiegel:
    Please don’t purpot to represent any single one of us further with your lenient agenda and as long as you live abroad. We’ve been inflicted with an uncounted ‘incidents’ stirred by the Israeli far-left policy spread all over the media like poison during the years. The ‘Palestinians’ were not late to cooperate with the Israeli Arabs against us, within our borders. they just couldn’t hold their thirst for blood right after we were left defenseless and hesitant to strike back. to the Israeli public in the last two centuries, ceased to breathe through this mask of the goodwilling senile little jew.

    All the best from the IDF.

    1. Thank you Matan,

      Unfortunately, Ilya is still stuck on “Nazi…Nazi….”. Muslims are driving out Jews everywhere in Europe thanks to the immigration policies of the socialists and their faux conservative lackeys, making the aims of the 1940’s Final Solution a reality, and folks like Ilya can only scream Nazi. It’s a highly irrational way of thinking.

  5. Islamism, Fundanmentalism is not to be confused with the religion of Islam.
    As a Jew, as a Sionist, as a European politician, as a long-term activist of B’nai B’rith and ADL, I can not accept any form of political extrimism. It is important to keep hold on matters and respect other religions, and not to mix them up with terrorist movements. Knowledge, benevolenth and mutual respect is the key to harmony.

    1. Wrong again Ilya, the problem with Islamic fundamentalism, are the fundamentals of Islam. Full stop. I need not respect an ideology that seeks my subjugation, or death, and that is also highly anti-Semitic. Turn any page in the koran and be prepared for unmitigated horror. The Hadiths and Sunna of Mohamed is pure poison, how dare you tell me to respect that. Islam seeks to subjugate, meaning both Christians and Jews and every other group and ideology that is not conform to their world view. You are completely clueless on what you are talking about.

      Keep it up, play the multicultural game, and when Muslim demographics reach critical mass, then explain why Jews are being targeted in Finland when they never where before and why they are leaving. It’s only a matter of time, look around you, I know many Jews who left Europe and headed for either Israel or the US just for that reason. Stop pretending otherwise.

  6. Ans the person calling herself “KGS” does not even dare to post under the real name.
    Timo Soini is not a friend of Isreal. Timo Soini is misleading the public, and he is very good at it. We have had other political crooks like him, one of them is Yassir Arafat. I have never ever been a leftist myself and a strong supporter of Likud, when it comes to Israely politics.

    1. How dare you compare Timo Soini to Yassir Arafart. Are you off your meds or what? Soini is very pro-Israel. Regardless of what Soini says or does, you’ll always say otherwise, because you and Hashem alone have the ability in looking into the hearts of men.

      Also, you’re not a Leftist, really? You’re of course for the nanny state, meaning big government entitlements, but I won’t rake you over the coals for that, that’s par for the course for faux conservatives in Europe. But please, stop pretending otherwise.

  7. What is the passion for a simple gang extremist under the leadership of a Finn Tiomi Soini? Timo Soini is not a fiened of Israel, neither the SDP is. Timo Soini is a political crook. The Finnish Jews, naturally, do not vote for Soini. Now I know who is behind the name of KGS, that is a very special case – stop being rediculous, please.

    1. You have offered not one scintilla of evidence that Mr.Soini is not pro-Israel. All you have managed to do is to hurl pejoratives in his direction. I know Jews in Finland who support him, realize the danger of Islam, Islamization and the need to counter it as well as the EU. I also know Jews in Finland who vote for the Greens and the SDP and other hard Left groups. They’re morons for doing so, how about going after them with the same vigor, you’ll find tons of evidence and good solid reasons to do so, as opposed the Don Quixote expedition you’re presently embarked upon.

  8. We do have serious discussions about the issue in the Jewish Community. Some people are misled by Timo Soini, because he is against the Muslims, which – and wellgrounded people understand that – does not mean that he is pro-Israely. He is an extremist politician and a skillful lier leading a party of anti-Semites. There is plenty of evidence.

    1. Well Ilya, you’re wrong, flat out wrong and continue to provide nothing to back up what you say about the man. My readers can draw their conclusions from that alone.

  9. I wish I was wrong. Howevere, the truth is that Timo Soini’s party is an umbreller organization for the extremists and neo-nazi types, whose background is in the SS organization. The SS stands for Suomen Sisu. Timo Soini is a political crook uniting fascists in Finland.

    1. If I were Soini, I’d be seriously thinking about suing your flake ass in court.

    1. Listen a-hole, you are not doing yourself any favors, you think yourself to be clever, but in fact you’re a moron. Keep running for your no name party and zero hit blog. Your da man!

    1. Well Ilya, looking at your weblog, and all the time you’ve spent putting it together, I can safely say that you’re not playing with full deck. Nuff said.

  10. I can safely say that every next comment you make is more and more noncense than previous. You better stop it before we all start laughing laud at you KGS

    1. Ilya, we’re all stunned by your dazzling display of logic.

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