EDL Tommy Robinson


Those who commit random acts of violence or even threaten the use of it in place of intelligent debate, have already shown that their cause hasn’t a leg to stand on. It’s all about intimidation, whether by the state or by private individuals and groups.

Finland’s government took Helsinki City Councilman, Jussi Halla-aho to court on trumped up charges, Holland is certainly doing it to Geert Wilders, and Elisabeth Sabaditsch-Wolff was put through the wringer in Austria as well.

The sole purpose of their intimidation is to silence the person(s) with whom they disagree, because they know that their argumentation is either weak or without merit, or both. But like all utopians, statists and their supporters as well, are true believers, and will refuse to give up on their utopian schemes come hell or high water.

Tommy Robinson lets us know about what these morons have been up to recently, and it isn’t pretty. KGS

Read it all here.

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