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  1. I watched a video of President O’Bama’s speech because I was busy last night watching Kemal Saleem deliver a presentation on the ideology of Islamic terrorism and his years as a terrorist. The President justifies the military effort on “humanitarian” grounds. Yet the greatest humanitarian crisis overseas is in JAPAN.

    The U.S. has spent $600 Million on the Libyan war so far. Imagine the relief we could have brought to Japan by now if we had a sincere response to a humanitarian crisis. Why aren’t we helping our friends first?

    Claiming the UN resolution is “non-negotiable”, I am reminded that the UN has a non-negotiable resolution for use of force in disarming Hezbollah in Lebanon. There is a multi-national force in Lebanon and the UN force led by France chooses to sit on their hands and let Hezbollah re-arm as does our President.

    Unlike Saddam Hussein, Gadhafi has a wide and deep network of terrorists. Who is to say he can’t retaliate against America and NATO countries?

    I should point out that prolonging the Libyan civil war leaves a hole in OPEC’s production that only Saudi Arabia can fill. At record high prices, the expenditure of American tax dollars on Libya to bring about a military stalemate, enriches Saudi Arabia tremendously while tying up an old foe of both countries. Nobody wants to tell you that; especially FOX News (7% of which is owned by Prince Al-waleed bin Talal). Do you think the Saudis will pick up the tab for this?

    If the U.S. really wants to use our military to keep the peace in the Middle East, I think my country should give serious thought to beefing up our peace-keepers in the Sinai Peninsula to guarantee the Egypt-Israel peace treaty (as we are committed to do) and help intercept the smuggling of arms into Gaza. Here again, you won’t hear FOX News or John Bolton talk about that; certainly not on a high-profile FOX News Network show like Greta Van Sustren’s.

    In fact, Amb. Bolton was a member of a Bush Administration whose Sec. of Defense proposed the REMOVAL of American forces from the Sinai as a cost-saving measure don’tcha know! The proposal was rudely interrupted by 9/11 when military intervention in the Middle East suddenly became the order of the day.

    If America is really the humanitarian protector of people, we already have important commitments to friends and allies that are not being met. To listen to the President and former UN Amb. Bolton, these commitments aren’t even on their radar.

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