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TSN: What’s the fuss, it’s one “I divorce you” for each day married.

NOTE: Saudia Arabia, a place where one can still visit the 7th century and not be in a museum

Wife divorced by SMS three days after marriage

A Saudi girl who had thought she fulfilled the dream of her life by marrying a well-known lawyer got the shock of her life when she was divorced by a text message just three days after marriage, a newspaper reported on Saturday.

The unnamed woman from the western town of Taif said she had agreed to marry the lawyer because of his high position and good manners.

“Three days later, he asked her to go to her family’s house and wait for him until he finishes some work,” Taif Arabic language daily said.

“One hour later, she received a SMS on her mobile from her husband telling her that she is divorced…the woman said she was shocked but found out later that the lawyer is having some psychological problems.”

2 Responses

  1. High position and good manners, coupled with psychological problems. One, a motivationtion to accept a marriage proposal. The other, a reasonable!? rationization for the dissolution of a marriage. Did you read, “I really LOVED him.”? That a chattel’s voice was allowed to express an opinion on the matter means men are staring to lose their grip. Shameful the weakened state of the Muhammadian male in Saudi society that this story would be aired in public. A culture that trades a woman’s vagina like any other commodity like oranges or flax. What is really special about this commodity is that if you don’t find it pleasing you don’t have haul it off to the dump. Society dictates it remove itself with the owner saying less words than it would take to buy a washing machine.

  2. Gotta love the Koranimals – they never cease to amaze!

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