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The Tundra Tabloids has been posting similar stories and videos like this for years. The Norwegians, as are the Swedes and other EU member states, have been embarking on a “hari kari” self inflicted cultural-ethnic suicide of their own country.

Ethnic Norwegians are actually documenting their own cultural genocide. Stunning to see, no matter how many times you read about it. The TT’s good friend and colleague Fjordman would agree. KGS

Soon Norwegians will be running out of turf to run to

It’s hard to be ethnic Norwegian here

– I will not let my children grow up here. That I do not take a chance on.

Aftonposten: He has made up his mind.  After having lived in Groruddalen Oslo his whole life, recent years’ developments have scared Patrick Aserud away. In the summer he will be moving with his wife and kindergarten-age daughter away from Furuseth and out of town.

He moves from a local community he believes is about to crack under the weight of failed integration.

Disturbing stories

– It’s been hard to be ethnic Norwegian in Groruddalen. It’s about massive language problems, as well as a pressure to adapt to the norms that feels totally alien to us who have a Western way of life and thinking.

– There are nursery schools where almost no children or parents are speaking Norwegian, and schools where children are being threatened with a beating for bring a packed lunch of salami.

– Girls are bullied for being blonde, dark hair and colors to fit into. It is not okay to be gay at school, not an atheist and certainly not a Jew. Especially the last three years have been frightening to see and hear about what’s happening, “said Åserud.

A majority of parents need an interpreter

He has resigned from his job in the kindergarten. It is not least during 15 years as a pedagog in schools and kindergarten he has noticed an increasingly skewed porportion (imbalance) between ethnic Norwegians and minorities.

– We needed interpreters for 10 out of 18 parent-teacher meetings. How then can we possibly create a good environment and make sure there is good cooperation between schools and homes, Aserud asks rhetorically.

Thousands have gone from the valley

He feels that it is he and his family who must be integrated as a minority in their own country.

– I have been positive and optimistic in the past. But there is a limit when it gets a majority who do not speak Norwegian well. We are many who feel this strongly, regardless of skin color. An Indian family knows I expected to live as Muslims because they are brown in the skin.

– Many people will probably think that you are sensitive and out of step with the new Norway?

– If so, there are very many who are sensitive. Ranking is that people move here. They do so because of the concrete experiences they have had, “Åserud.

Figures from Statistics Norway support the claim. There are now 3000 fewer ethnic Norwegians Groruddalen than just two years ago. Depopulation occurs faster than before, but over time the figures speak clearly: Groruddalen has lost 20,000 ethnic Norwegians in the last 15 years, despite population growth. Ethnic Norwegian-share has dropped from 82 to 56 percent in 15 years.

Fears Malmo-states

And this year is Åserud part of the statistics. He takes the family to Hamar.

– We have no connection there, but we could not afford the house on Høybråten, Røa or other places where we do not feel strange at nærsenteret says Åserud.

He’s not a good recipe on how development can be reversed.

– It’s hard to say. I fear Rosengård-states (charged to the suburbs in Malmo, journ.anm). There fired shots in the street on average once every week. I want the best for the city, but I do not feel I can carry the integration on my shoulders, “said Åserud.

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  1. Norwegians just cannot stand the muslim children’s controlling their sons’ and daughters’ ham sandwiches for lunch, having to color their daughters’ blond hair dark, wearing dark lenses, and being beaten up, and called “whores” for not complying with sharia rules, but quite simply being Norwegian.

    Ethnic cleansing in practice – in Norway, or, what should really also, be called racism. Plain racism. I wonder whether the Copts in Egypt, the Christians in the Swat Valley, the Christians in Nigeria, only to name a few, would know a thing or two about how these Norwegian families feel about being forced to flee, and why, and become actually, refugees in their own country, due to one specific supremacist ideology.

    More and more Norwegian families feel they have become strangers in their own homeland, and to protect themselves, and not least their children, feel they have no choice but flee certain areas to get back to the Norwegian Norway, where people speak and act in normal manners.

    Norwegians are normally very attached to their local community, where they grew up, and where their grandparents built their home, so being forced to leave everything behind is no small sacrifice.

  2. just kick them out! and NEVER ever give them norwegian citizenship, as French or Belgian authorities stupidely did!

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