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Vlad sent me this, so the Tundra Tabloids is shamelessly cribbing the entire post, it’s a situation that the TT has never heard of before. Thanks to ol’Vladdy boy for the easy steal. KGS

Last night I had the opportunity to interview one of the principle people, as well as attend a lecture and set of videos by many of the residents of the besieged town of Caledonia where I learned a great many disturbing things, just two of which are,

1. The government seems to treat what should be a law enforcement issue, as a “peacekeeping” one. This has disturbing implications.

2. Out of over 3000 bands of aboriginal people, all of whom live in peace with the general population of Canada and with varying degrees of success ,only the ‘Six Nations people’ or Mohawk have allied themselves with international terrorists and use their special status to run organized crime with impunity from the police and state, even, on occasion, with their assistance.

Over the course of the coming week, I will publish as much as I can of the video I shot along with their various materials. For the moment, here is a short segment of last night’s ‘Free Thinking Film Society’ presentation with, among many other people, Gary McHale.

For people interested in more information on the Canadian-Aboriginal connection with international organized crime and Islamic terror, please have a look at the following links:

The speaker in this video is:

Mark Vandermaas (featured speaker)
Caledonia Victims Project

Mark Vandermaas is a former Canadian soldier and UN peacekeeper. After his arrest on Dec 16, 2006 with Gary McHale while attempting to raise a Canadian flag, Mark put his career as a real estate broker on hold to work as a full time ’rule of law’ activist.

He was the leader of the 2007 Ipperwash Papers project, and has written more than 400 Caledonia-related articles for his blog

In 2010 Mark started the Caledonia Victims Project to begin organizing the key evidence and background information which will be needed by post-Helpless policy researchers.  He and Gary are co-founders of the HelplessByBlatchford project – a resource created to educate Canadians about the many important issues raised by the Caledonia crisis.

Mark has consistently spoken out on behalf of the unintended aboriginal victims of OPP racial policing practices as well as for non-aboriginal residents as he did at the 2010 New Directions in Aboriginal Policy forum at Mount Royal University where he presented, Listening to Victims: A Fresh Approach to Healing and Reconciliation upon which his presentation tonight is based.

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  1. A nation is defined by it’s borders, language, culture, and the rule of law. Any nation which permits lawlessness, terror groups, and radical anarchists to operate within its borders will soon cease to exist as a nation. The rule of law must be upheld. If these so-called activists pulled an anti-government stunt in any of the ME countries they would be imprisoned, subject to violent police interrogation, or shot on the spot.

  2. The biggest ennemy for Canadians aren´t these organisations but the ex-canadian state itself and its rotting political body, mainstream medias, which are willfully blind and resorte to any methods, necessary and un-necessary, to protect those toade-faced creeps.

  3. These same anarcho-fascist nazi gangsters and union thugs organised today’s demo and smash-up of London, supposedly against “cuts” . The UK slogan was “March for The Alternative”. (The TUC, which has been organising the March for The Alternative for months, said it expected a huge turnout of people from communities across the country wanting to show their anger at the Government’s ”deep, rapid and unfair” spending cuts.)
    This is virtually identical to “Declaring the Exception” mentioned by the speaker in the above video!

  4. Hi TT,

    Thanks so much for the coverage! Thanks to Vlad for getting the word out, too. We got up a feature page for our notes (mine has 22 pages of reference citations to back up what I said in my presentation.):

    I just updated the page w/link to this post (and I borrowed your most excellent picture of me for future use!). 🙂 Thanks again.

    Mark Vandermaas
    Caledonia Victims Project

    1. Mark thanks, I’ll do a follow up. Vlad and I zero in on these Leftards, Mustards, and now that there’s an “Injuntard” element to watch, this makes it all the more interesting. OBTW, anything you see on these pages that you would like to use, feel free in snatching at any time, it’ll be my pleasure.

      Presently, we have quite an array of weirdos and whackos stacked up against us all to deal with, who are presently making the KKK and other traditional hate groups (at least in the US) look like a bunch of school children out on a picnic. Thanks for showing us your resolve, keep safe and stand tall. We are all watching. KGS

  5. Sorry, forgot to tell you…

    Be sure to read the refs in my presentation notes starting from 2-22 on, beginning on p28.

    Here’s one quote I just know you’ll enjoy; it’s from Jamila Ghaddar of the McMaster University ‘Solidarity for Palestinian Human Rights’ which was on the Caledonia occupation site almost from the beginning of the lawlessness, and was there when the Niagara Palestinian Association raised the Palestinian flag on the site on May 03/06:

    “One of the proudest moments in the lives of McMaster SPHR [Solidarity for
    Palestinian Human Rights] and my life and the Palestinian Solidarity Movement
    was the day that the Palestinian flag was raised over the reclamation site. That
    day the Niagara Palestinian Association along with the Haudenosaunee people,
    hoisted and raised the Palestinian flag alongside the flags of the Haudenosaunee,
    of various other countries, of unions and many organizations. In the months
    following, through cold and moments of exhaustion and worry we would raise
    our eyes to the swaying of the flags and think, we are one, and the winds carry
    our colours together from Jerusalem to the Grand River.”

    Ghaddar also spoke at an anti-Israel protest in 2008 organized by ‘Coalition Against Israeli Apartheid’ which sent delegates to the 2007 Cairo conference where they met reps from Hamas, Hezbollah, Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine, and the Muslim Brotherhood:

    So…what I’m trying to say is…you got your title exactly right!

    Mark Vandermaas
    Caledonia Victims Project

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