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For the Tundra Tabloids, Jews living in Judea and Samaria are not the problem, those Arabs who refuse their Jewish neighbors the right to live side by side with them, are the problem. KGS

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NOTE: The TT has said it a thousand times,* for the majority of European politicians, a Jew who builds a home or has a trailer in his/her native ancestral homeland is considered a war crime and an obstacle to peace, but an Arab terrorist who murders a Jew(s) is not a war crime and such an act, no matter how vile and outrageous, can never be allowed to become an obstacle to peace. That’s how these immoral morons think.

A missed opportunity for the EU

03/20/2011 21:39

The European Union and its institutions in Brussels issued a record number of press statements last Monday. But not one was on the brutal murders in Itamar.

The European Union and its institutions in Brussels issued a record number of press statements on March 14. Still, there was no mention of the brutal murder of five members of an Israeli family in Itamar. 

Should we be surprised? Hardly. The European Parliament is more likely to call an emergency session if a Jewish settler family builds a new home than if a Jewish settler family has been brutally killed, as was the case last week.

This is not necessarily out of pure ignorance but, even worse, it may even be logical. According to the EU foreign policy establishment,settlements are obstacles to peace.

Now the UN Security Council has taken this matter one step further and declared that “Jewish settlements are in breach of international law,” and as a consequence, one may add, settlers are criminals.


Perhaps it is in this context that we should understand the ice-cold silence from the international community in the aftermath of the Fogel family members’ murder. It was not just any family. In the eyes of the cynical western elite, they were simply settlers, obstacles to peace.

The current deadlock in peace negotiations is troublesome.

But it is hardly the settlements which pose the problem. Never before have settlements prevented a Palestinian delegation from coming to the negotiating table to discuss, agree and disagree. So why now? Perhaps the Palestinians are smarter than their counterparts.

By refusing to negotiate, they know that, at the end of the day, the Israelis will be blamed for the failure and forced to make concessions. And even if there are no results, they are still promised a state. So why bother with negotiations and risk losing support from a radicalized constituency which is witnessing political Islam strengthen its base in the whole Arab world? WHICH BRINGS us back to Itamar. Perhaps Itamar was that defining moment when a terrorist could commit the most brutal of murders and not cause any major reactions outside Israel. If this act of barbarism doesn’t wake up the world, what will? The Middle East and the Arab world are at a critical juncture, when every move and decision is being analyzed.

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*Note: Thanks to TINSC

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  1. The author of this article is right. I’m not only disappointed by the EU, I’m also disappointed in the leaders of the European countries. Our leader didn’t say anything, our foreign minister didn’t say anything. Everybody kept their mouth shut, except for Wilders.

  2. KGS

    I have posted on the Itamar murders as nothing but a slow genocide of Jewish people by the Arabs, as they target mainly women and children.

    Not taking away any outrage of these despicable murders, I have, over the last few days, been confronted by a simple reality- the persecution and mass murders of Christians around the globe is far far more in scale and persistence then of any other ethnic or religious community.

    Surely its time bloggers started to write about this in the same tones of outrage. I would also like to see some reciprocity from Jewish bloggers, or are Christians the only people who can be persecuted and killed with impunity, and to cap it, will not even get a word of sympathy.

    1. Hi DP111, I have been following this for a long time, and I think the network has been very diligent in exposing persecution of Christians around the globe, and will continue to do so with equal vigor. Both Jewish and Christian and nominal Christian bloggers have been charting the outrages for what it seems forever. But you’re right, there needs to be an equal vocal outrage each time. I will pass that along.

      1. I agree with DP111, but it’s not like bloggers aren’t paying any attention to it at all. Here’s news about Christians in Ethiopia:
        Ethiopia: Homes & 69 Churches Torched, 7,000 Christians Displaced

        1. person of the book

          Thanks for the link.

          I really do not know how we should start addressing this problem. Bloggers are writing of thiscertainly, but in distant terms, it is a news item but not worthy of emotional outrage, if you know what I mean.

          1. I would also add DP111, that Christian leaders in the West are notoriously silent over the plight of their fellow religionists.

  3. KGS

    If we look at the way murders of Christians are depicted – it is by numbers. If we look at at the Itamar tragedy, the photographs of all the victims are shown close up. This brings out the human aspect of the tragedy, and it truly highlights the nature of the crime by personalising it.

    This is not the case in the way atrocities against Christians are shown. They are dehumanised by removing them from focus- they are distant and therefore unconsciously, not related to us in closeup.

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