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Of course the Swedish English language online new org, “The Local“, runs with it! According to Reinhard:

Someone linked to Sarnecki’s recent “research” which apparently “proved” that the overrepresentation of immigrants in crime statistics could be explained by socio-economic factors related to the circumstances of their upbringing. It turns out that his study only follows immigrants who arrived in Sweden before 1988, which is before the large-scale non-European immigration began. So his research proves that European immigrants have the same crime rate as ethnic Swedes. And this is of course being trumpeted by the MSM as proving that all immigrants are equally law-abiding. Politicized research at its best.

H/T Fjordman and Reinhard

Those amazing multi-culti Swedish researchers at Stockholm University

Upbringing not culture affects criminality: study

Published: 19 Mar 11 16:06 CET |

THE LOCAL: Differences in crime statistics between immigrants and those born in Sweden can be explained by socio-economic factors in childhood and has nothing to do with culture or race, a new Swedish study has shown.

The study by researchers at Stockholm University shows that any differences disappear when a comparison is made between Swedes and immigrants who were brought up in similar socio-economic conditions.

“The differences do not depend on ‘immigrant cultures’ being more inclined to crime or some such. Instead the most decisive factor is the conditions immigrants live under in Sweden and if they can acquire the resources which are necessary to live a comfortable life,” one of the researchers Jerzy Sarnecki told the Dagens Nyheter newspaper.

The study shows that when controlled for factors such as parents’ education, employment and income then the differences for the most part disappear between those born in Sweden and those born overseas or with foreign-born parents.

More here.

NOTE: So what this Stockholm University study really does, is to prove that the disproportionate number of Muslim immigrants in the crime statistics in Sweden, is well known within the halls of those who support these open door immigration policies. The crime level is directly related to the mass immigration of Muslims after 1988, that’s why they chose to focus on earlier data which consisted mainly of European immigration to Sweden.

UPDATE: Reinhard elaborates further:

The report tries to convince people that no immigrant population of any kind is overrepresented. Sarnecki accomplishes this by claiming that the overrepresentation disappears when you factor in upbringing. The problem, of course, is that he focuses on immigrant populations which are not very overrepresented, and avoids those which are. He needs to compare previous generations of immigrants with the latest arrivals, from the 90s and onwards. The 90s is when we started getting Muslims from the Balkans, Somalis, etc..

Sarnecki needs to examine all immigrant populations according to country of origin. That, of course, is impossible using the method Sarnecki uses. Doing so would, however, refute his own claims – so he won’t do it. He’s chosen a method which can’t be used to disprove his
own false claims. He’s made a statement which can’t be refuted because the method he’s chosen won’t allow it, which goes to prove that this is politicized research. Another method, which allowed for the study of immigrants from the 90s onwards, could easily refute his claims.

But the point is that different peoples exhibit various degrees of overrepresentation. Even the official Brå statistics, which Sarnecki tries to refute, shows an extreme difference between immigrants from southeast Asia and immigrants from the Middle East, for instance. It is impossible to say that all immigrants are equally over-represented – but that’s exactly the point. Japanese immigrants are far less problematic when it comes to criminal statistics when compared to Somalis, for instance. Not all non-European immigration is problematic – which is, as far as I can tell, the official SD party line.

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  1. Did you see some of the comments on the article? Boy, those Swedes are pathetic.

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