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The EU and mass immigration critical political party of the True Finns are set to make some extensive and impressive gains in the upcoming Finnish parliamentary elections this April. It seems that with each poll taken, the TF party surges ahead full steam. This is going to be one of the more interesting elections to watch. If they do indeed get the public’s trust to have a majority in the Finnish Eduskunta (parliament), they stand a great chance at froming a government with Timo Soini as PM. KGS

NOTE: The True Finns are not in favor of funding the south with yet more of the Finnish taxpayers hard earned money, nor are they in favor of a federalized Europe, neither is the TT, so it truly narrows the political playing field. Go TF go!

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True Finns Gallup runner

PUBLISHED: 17/03 13:51>
HBL: According to a recent Gallup poll is the True Finns Finland’s second largest party, according toHelsingin Sanomat. The party has overtaken both the Centre Party and SDP in popularity.According to the poll, carried out for Helsingin Sanomat, the party would get 18.4 percent of the vote in parliamentary elections.

Coalition remains the largest with 20.7 percent, while the Centre Party would get 18.3 percent of the vote.

Support for the Social Democrats has declined, the party would only get 17.4 percent of the vote.

Among the smaller parties, the changes are small. The Greens (8.8 percent), Left Alliance (7.8) and the Swedish People’s Party (4.1) is about as big as before. The Christian Democrats lost ground again after a slight upturn in the autumn and is now at 3.5 percent.

TNS Gallup interviewed 2,500 people by the end of February and the first half of March. The margin of error for the major parties is two percent in either direction.

In a survey Yle had Taloustutkimus out three weeks ago indicated 16.9 percent said they would vote for True Finns. Then the party was fourth highest.

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  1. One by one the countries and the people of various nations are waking up and rejecting the heavy financial and dictatorial burden of the EU.

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