An excellent article that highlights the similarities of between the demonization by the media of the people living in the settlements of Judea and Samaria, and the demonization of counterjihad voices in Europe. A very interesting angle indeed. KGS

More here.

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  1. Arab Muslims have been waging a war of attrition against women and children, specially little girls, for decades. It is clear to me that this amounts to nothing less then genocide because it is killing future generations. It is this reason, among others, why killing women and children is frowned on. civilised society.

    Daniel Greenfield connects the dots

    The Muslim Terrorist War against Israeli Families

    See how many pregnant women there are on this incomplete listing? That is not a coincidence. None of this is. Muslim terrorism is genocide. It is a genocidal struggle to conquer and wipe out non-Muslim populations. As in Israel, as everywhere else. Rape is one tool of Muslim demographic warfare. So is murdering pregnant women and children. Destroying families. They have been fighting it since a maddened would-be prophet began his campaign of extermination against a multicultural region.

    This is war. Their kind of war. The attacks on schools and on families. The massacre of entire families is a tactic. Acts of evil by a cult too horrifyingly evil for most people to even understand. What evil does best is the exploitation of innocence in order to destroy it. And who are more innocent than the children?


    1. Good article by Daniel Greenfield. I like the article by the EDL by the way, but it’s not just the settlers who are dehumanized, it is Israel as a country that is dehumanized as well.

  2. How is this new? Exactly how many famillies across the world have been slaughtered in the name of the moon god and its “prophete” in the last years?!? This last century or even the 13 previous ones??

    They should make up their minds, either evacuate all the muslimes or all the “settlements”, at least things would be clear. Think about it, who in their right mind would want to “settle” such regions, especially if they famillies? How can the effort to support these communities in hostile territories be lesser than the benefice they offer to the country that supports them?

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