In other words, a real crap decision.

The Proscecution is definitively allowed to pursue Geert Wilders for inciting to hatred, inciting to discrimination and insulting groups. The Tundra Tabloids’ Dutch colleague, Timo, files the following translation of an Nu.Nl report of the court proceedings, which was viewable online here. KGS

Prosecution allowed to pursue Geert Wilders

Nu.Nl: Amsterdam – The Public Prosecution Service (PPS) is definitively allowed to pursue Geert Wilders for inciting to hatred, inciting to discrimination and insulting groups.

Wednesday prosecutors Birgit Van Roessel and Paul Velleman swept the objections from Wilders’ lawyer Bram Moszkowicz to pursue Geert Wilders from the table.

Different of what the lawyer argued on Monday, the PPS find that they stuck to the task to pursue the politician.

Moszkowicz thinks that the PPS are accusing Geert Wilders of more things than originally was described in their task.

AcquittalDuring the first treatment of the trial the prosecution of Wilders led to acquittal on all points. With the trial brought up to new judges, it is not known yet if the PPS will change their point of views.

Moskowicz find among others that justice has stretched the task to prosecution in a intolerable way. According to the lawyer this is very clear when you look at the fact that both prosecutors presented the entire movie Fitna – the 16 minutes lasting anti-Islam movie of Wilders made in 2008 – in the accusation.

According to the PPS Fitna has only a meaning in its whole and therefore must be seen as one remark and one expression.

Moskozwicz also stated that the Netherlands have no jurisdiction when it comes to Fitna cause the movie was put online on the American website “That circumstance is not relevant”, the PPS claimed. Fitna focuses on the Netherlands and the Dutch Law’s image has been damaged by it, according to the prosecutors.

KoranWilders noticed Wednesday that he annoyed himself to the PPS’ misrepresentation of the facts. The PPS claims that a page was torn out of the Koran in Fitna. “That is not true, only the suggestion is made”, prosecutor Van Roessel admitted.

Lawyer Moskowicz had no need to react once more at the arguments of both prosecutors. He said he would stuck with his objections.

On the 30th of March the court will come with a verdict. If Moskowicz carries his points, the porces of Wilders will come to an end.

Translation: Timo DDL

Prosecution takes stand at Wilders’ inciting hatred trial

Wednesday 16 March 2011

Dutch News: The trial of MP Geert Wilders on inciting hatred and discrimination charges continues on Wednesday with the public prosecution department’s reaction to the defence opening statement.

On Monday, Wilders’ lawyer Bram Moszkowicz called for the trial to be scrapped.

The public prosecution department did not originally want to take the case, but it was forced to do so by the appeal court in Amsterdam following protests from a variety of groups and individuals.

At last year’s trial, abandoned following claims of prejudice, the department called for Wilders to be found not guilty on all charges


Anti-Islam MP fails to block Amsterdam trial

RNW: A trial against Dutch MP Geert Wilders for hatemongering can go ahead after objections were brushed aside by the Public Prosecutor.

Mr Wilders’ lawyer Bram Moszkowicz had argued that his client was being accused of far more than was included in the formal charges, which mention hatemongering, discrimination and insulting a section of the population, public broadcaster NOS reports.

Another objection, that the Amsterdam court was not qualified, was rebuffed by the observation that the alleged offences by the accused were committed in Amsterdam, among others. The fact that Mr Wilders’ anti-Islam movie pamphlet, Fitna, was released through a US website was not considered relevant, seeing that the film was targeting a Dutch-speaking audience.

The Public Prosecutor was obliged, however, to apologise to Mr Wilders about the assertion that his film showed a page being torn from the Qur’an. This was beside the fact, as Mr Wilders argued. He explained that the book in question was a telephone directory.

The court will decide its next steps on 30 March.



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  1. Hatemongering, discrimination and insulting a section of the population? Then, why the hell haven´t they banned the quran and islam itself from Dutchland, then?

    Either those “prosecutors” are confused, dilettante imbeciles or they are most despicable criminals. When WW3 begin, it will obnly be justice if they are parachuted into ennemy territory, with a nice supply of soaps.

  2. What I want to know is where are all the protesters ? You’d think the media would give some time to this. It is one of the most important trials ever. He must win, or all of us will be affected in the long run. What’s happening to this world ? Freedom of speech is being mutilated and there’s about 7 more people in Europe on the “hate speech” list due for their day in court because we are not allowed to “offend” Islam. Are people asleep or are they too ignorant to know what’s happening or afraid to not be politically correct ? Geert Wilders has been so brave and so outstanding in his defense of freedom that he deserves our support . We need more like him. At least he tells it like it is and has some spine. The cowardly, spineless, “leaders” of Europe deserve to be run over by a pack of slathering greedy immigrants who want everything but give nothing back. We give and give, but get no respect. What the hell good are those fascist Muslims who are always “offended”? Why do so many idiots worry about their feelings all the time ?
    Long live Geert Wilders ! They have killed the bodies of Pim Fortyne, and Theo Van Gogh, but their souls still live…in Geert Wilders..

  3. islam is the a satanic religion I am a former muslim and this is to confirm that islam always teaches hateness for others i killed many christians and raped their women because i was taught to do so by my religious leader who qouted eveything from quran i was a hafiz of quran (person who memorizes the whole quran by heart) with the full understading of arabic language but i was stupid. please you too wake up my muslim brothers leave this satanic religion and know that jesus is the saviour and he died for all of us. his younger brother satan introduced islam to misguide us by beleiving that jesus did not die and we should kill all who beleive that jesus died. please wake up my brothers don’t kill christians learn how to love fellow humans jesus taught us that but the satanic religion islam taught us to kill who don’t beleive in mohammad that’s stupid no true prophet will teach to do such a thing the history tells us that the prophets loved fellow humans they did not rape, kill or persecute humans please learn to love like jesus.

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