Anti-Israel bigotry and bias J-STREET


Just like the fundamuslims, these hard leftists can’t really hold back their real thoughts amongst themselves, and when a camera is their to catch it all on film, it’s a real gotcha moment, but the catch is, they themselves don’t really regard it as a gotcha moment at all. KGS

J Street: ‘Maybe Israel really ain’t a good idea’

By Lori Lowenthal Marcus

“Maybe, if this collective Jewish presence” — that is, the Jewish State in the Middle East — “can only survive by the sword, then Israel really ain’t a good idea.”  So said Daniel Levy, one of J Street’s founders, at the 2011 J Street Conference. You can hear him, and the lack of any objection from even one of the 2000-strong audience, here, at 1:26:15 on the J Street Conference video, on J Street’s own website.

Are we there yet? Is this clear statement by one of J Street’s founders — that if the Arabs will force Israel to defend herself, then the Jews should abandon the Middle East — enough to prove that J Street is not “pro-Israel” at all? Is this confession enough to enable (or force) people to see that it is this belief: that the Jews are simply wrong to defend themselves ever, including against Gazan terrorism or a nuclear Iran, that constitutes the foundation of J Street?

Scroll to 1:26:15

Dennis Ross addresses J Street’s Conference, Followed by Panel Reaction from J Street Education Fund on Vimeo.

Read it all at The American Thinker.

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