Ok, it’s really his private ‘petting ranch’, stocked with women from all over the world, probably the ones who accepted his invitation to convert to Islam. KGS

H/T: Esther, Islam in Europe.

Here is Kadhafis secret whorehouse

Revealed by the rebels.

Benghazi (Dagbladet / Expressen): In el-Hawari outside the eastern, rebel-controlled town of Benghazi, behind a five-meter high wall, surrounded by palm trees and lawns, is Muammar Kadhafis private brothel. Here he loved to spend the nights with lusty prostitutes.

– His Private pimp, Belaid Cambal, fixed women from Libya, Morocco and Lebanon, said a defector from Kadhafis guard in Benghazi. Mansour El Warfalli was to storm and vandalizes brothel. – “We found a lot of Viagra, ” said Mansour, and laughed.

A “ranch”

Officially a brothel ranch owned by Kadhafis nearest man, Abo Bakr Younes Jaber. But Jaber is not from Benghazi.

– Each time Kadhafi arrived here with his personal bodyguards were dozens of cars with armed guards on the weekend the way down to the highway. Everyone knew that he came here with a large female company and spent one or two nights at a time, “said el-Warfalli.

In addition to its own guards, Kadhafi also used by guards military base Fadil Omar stay in Benghazi. One of those who served at the base, but dropped out, is a 35-year-old father of two.

– Loved Women

He fears for his own safety if he is there with a full name.

– Everyone knows that he loves women. His bodyguards are women and he trusts them more than their own children. But it was a small circle who knew of the details about the prostitute who was transported to a brothel in el-Hawari every time he visited the city, “said 35-year-old.

Now El Warfalli and other vengeful stormed the brothel, brought all possible valuables and destroyed what was possible not to take with you. Beds, ceiling lights and gold toilet fixtures are broken

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  1. Despite social and sexual repression, religion thrives on hypocrisy. Human carnal nature will always win out. (Paraphrased from Anton Szandor LaVey in the Satanic Bible.0

  2. He is being religious. These women are ‘slaves of the right hand’, per the Qur’an.

  3. They may not be prostitutes but from the white slave trade!
    Anyone who thinks the so called rebels will be better than GADAFFI are dreaming. Islam is a curse on humanity with no interest in peace or a western parliamentary system.

    1. Is it, Ali ??? The brothels here in Antwerp only survive on muslim (deleted). The same is true with sexshops and sexscinema’s. (edited by the TT. Sorry Jos, but you won’t be the one held accountable by the Finnish gov’t, the TT will. So the TT had to do some scrubbing here.) You’re a piece of lying shit, Ali. ALLAHU FUCKBAR !!!

      1. Sorry Jos, you’re free to comment, but you have to be careful with how you generalize. We are on the same plate here, but I can’t run the risk of Finnish gov’t stepping in, I will be held accountable, not you. That said, I believe you got Ali all wrong. In case you didn’t notice, he left the TROP’s url in the comment. He was jesting.

  4. That’s nothing new. I’ve written for many years that depraved, sinful Muslim male sex perverts could and do have private whorehouses. Didn’t you know that depraved, sinful Muslim male sex perverts could “marry,” actually acquire, several women? Many of these Muslim male sex pervert “marry” dozens of women. If that isn’t a private whorehouse, then, what is it?

  5. Waiting for the discovery of his bacha bereesh ranch

  6. I own the world famous BUNNYRANCH CAthouse in Carson City NV. We get Muslims from all over the world coming in as clients. Sex has no religious barriers.

    1. Ahh, but what that shows is that Mustards are every bit hypocrites as anyone else, people are human despite the ideology. This is the ideology however, in which rational, logical thinking are even more alien than in other belief systems.

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