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  1. Even by East African standards, Somalis are “different”. Somali society is essentially a highway robber society with drugs. Most travellers to that part of the world have written of the contempt and hostility of East Africans, such as Kenyans and Ethiopians, for Somalis.

    So we have, in the Great Multicultural Sweepstakes, imported hundreds of thousands of Somalis into Europe, without bothering to find out if they were even remotely civilised?

    As Somalia deteriorated from nothing to below nothing, even highway robbers could not make a living in Somalia. So they have fled to the West, which, in its unbounded idiocy has accepted these people. So if they are engaging in Benefit fraud on a large scale, one should be grateful that atleast they are adopting more civilised methods for piracy and brigandage.

    Look forward though to violent robbery, and other cultural delights, as they are very much part of Somali culture.

    1. I remember talking to some Iranians in Finland who openly mocked the somalis. It would have landed an ethnic Finn with a major fine.

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