King Congress Hearings The Narrative


What Andrea Mitchell is doing here in this MSNBC interview with a GOP Rep. is invoking “The Narrative“, she insinuates that because he’s white, he can’t understand minorities, so that makes him impervious to their needs, when in fact, he is being attentive. This kind of thinking is the linchpin in understanding everything there is about cultural Marxism/political correctness. PC: White people and their institutions = evil.

It would never dawn on Andrea Mitchell that there were Muslims who actually agree with the conducting of congressional hearings on the radicalization of domestic Islamic communities. One of the panel members, Dr.Zuhdi Jasser, though I disagree with his fairy tale version of Islam, he is in fact telling the truth about Islamic communities being targeted by the Muslim Brotherhood, a group which he strongly opposes. The TT applauds that.

As you will see in the video, Mitchell doesn’t know how to respond to the Congressman’s statement, that they have Muslims testifying to the problems the hearings are trying to address. The Narrative keeps people like her, which makes up the overwhelming majority of US media types thanks to Soviet-Leftist and Frankfurt School propaganda, thinking one dimensionally. Watch the video, then check out the URL link that leads to the 14 minuteThe Narrative video. KGS

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