Here are a couple of the more, well expressed voices, on why the West shouldn’t lift a finger in the Libyan civil war. The Tundra Tabloids has mulled it over for awhile now, is it better to allow Gadaffi’s troops to have its way with the rebels, or to at least declare a no-fly zone above Libya?

The Tundra Tabloids posted earlier Dr.Andrew Bostom’s piece about the Jew-hating Muslim Brotherhood dominated opposition, they are truly not deserving of our help, and neither is the bastard who help shoot down Pan Am 103, and fund/spread terrorism throughout the ME.

The TT agrees that we do not have a dog in this fight, and lets see how badly they bloody each other up. It’s another Alien Vs. Predator moment in the ME/Maghreb, pull up a chair and the popcorn. KGS

From Finnish TV, Libyan “freedom fighters” about Gadaffi: “The atheist Zionist dictator”…….

Washington has a strange new bird — the Libya Hawk.

Diana West: It has been seen alighting in potentially dangerous numbers on the Right side of the political spectrum, neoconservative wavelength. It appears to be a mutation of the War Hawk and the Democracy Hawk. Its throaty warble tells us there is some imaginary but overriding interest in taking sides in Libya, offing Qaddafi and imposing a no-fly-zone on behalf of “the rebels.”

I stand transfixed, Tippi-Hedrin-like.

Thankfully, the interpid Andy McCarthy has a targeted response that I hope scares them all away.

“I am against intervention in Libya,” Andy writes.

Amen, and here’s why.


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