Forced Marriages Islam in the UK


What’s with the logo for the Essex police? It looks like something that originated somewhere in the Middle East. KGS

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Police were called in by the man’s worried girlfriend and launched an investigation called Operation Dram.

They later found the victim and arrested his uncle and father.

Sources say the family, who are Muslim, have lived in Basildon for as long as 15 years.

The kidnap is alleged to have taken place on December 9, but only came to light when details were published in Essex Police chief constable Jim Barker-McCardle’s quarterly report.

Referring to the alleged kidnap, the report said: “On December 9, 2010, the girlfriend of a 20-year-old Asian man contacted the police and informed them he had been abducted by his uncles in relation to an arrange/forced marriage. The man’s uncle and father were arrested later that day.

“The victim has made a full complaint statement, and the investigation is being dealt with by South Western division.”



High Desert girl’s forced marriage claim highlights global problem

PressEnterprise: Claims by a 13-year-old High Desert girl that she ran away from home to avoid a forced marriage in Pakistan have raised questions about how common the practice is.

While it’s not a problem readily tracked with statistics, forced marriages occur frequently abroad, particularly in developing countries where women are undervalued, poverty is rampant and opportunities are few, said Nisha Varia, a senior researcher for the women’s rights division at Human Rights Watch in New York.


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