This is the mohammedans’ modus operandi: choose a residential area to build a mosque, make sure that they know it’s going to have speakers calling Muslims to the mosque for prayer, and if successful, the locals will be eventually driven out from the noise and the traffic. One more no-go area ripe for the pickings. KGS

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NOTE: In an age where a bending over backwards type tolerance rides shotgun with an oppressive political correctness dogma, the ‘victim card’ is a sure winner. So either way the Muslims will get their no-go zone, in one place or the other.

Sheepshead Bay mosque sued,Bay People’ demands project halted; claims Islamic center will be a ‘nuisance’

CourierLife: Opponents for the controversial mosque and community center slated for Voorhies Avenue are suing to stop construction, claiming that the building violates zoning laws and would become a nuisance to neighbors once it is built.

In court papers filed at New York State Supreme Court this week, lawyers for the anti-mosque group Bay People say that increased traffic and noisy calls to prayers need to be taken into account before the city signs off on the presently as-of-right project.

“[The mosque] is being constructed on a mid-block location that is surrounded by residences and, if and when completed, it would accommodate more than 300 people,” Attorney Albert Butzel wrote in his brief. “Calls to prayer would be broadcast five times a day, as is required in the Islamic religion, and both before and after services at the building, as well as at other times, the block on which it would be located would be backed up with vehicle traffic.”

Butzel claims that Mosque owner Ahmed Allowey is violating zoning law because he is not providing on-site parking for the mosque congregates. The lawsuit also claims that the ongoing construction is damaging neighboring buildings.

Allowey has yet to respond to the suit, and calls for comment were not returned.

The suit is the second legal salvo fired by the Bay People, whose watchful eyes on the project have already resulted in one stop-work order.

ALSO: A good site for the entire overall story covering a lengthy period of the controversy.

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