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More on Finnish imams being trained in universities. The Tundra Tabloids reported a couple of days ago that imam Anas Hajjar was demanding that only a Muslim can teach an imam about Islam. Dean of the University of Helsinki, Aila Lauha, says no such thing should be allowed. It is however a sad day that Islam has gotten to be of such size that it needs multiple imams. KGS

Mr.not-so-moderate imam, Anas Hajjar

Finnish Universities Welcome Imams

[…] The idea of third-level education for imams was also welcomed at the Faculty of Theology at the University of Helsinki. However, the dean of the faculty Aila Lauha emphasised that, in line with general university standards, such education should be based on research rather than on religious faith. Drawing comparisons to the education of Lutheran priests, Lauha noted that the Finnish Evangelical Lutheran church does not get to determine the contents of their education.

Lauha supports high-quality professional research on Islam, as well as its inclusion as a university subject. The research should focus on the history, doctrine, faith and present-day realities of Islam.

Universities are ready for a dialogue with the Muslim community about the contents of such education, although in the final analysis this needs to conform to university standards.

As Lauha points out, third-level training for school teachers of Islam already exists. Should university training be formulated also for imams or other workers for the Islamic Society, a dialogue with the Muslim community would certainly be needed.

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