The former Finnish PM, Matti Vanhanen, must be feeling relieved from his brush with the law for violating the Finnish constitution. After being let go with a slap on the wrist by the constitution committee, the self seemingly suave and debonaire former PM is showing himself to be a bit too giddy, in short, he ain’t thinking right, for he would have known better than to think Muslim tolerance and Islamic law would allow for such a thing. I guess the issue never came up in the Islam Expo. KGS

Matti Vanhanen: I could date a Muslim woman

IL: Matti Vanhanen, opened Wednesday’s Maria! Chat program, about relationship with Muslims. Muslims were the theme of the discussions, since Vanhanen spoke over the weekend at the Islam-Expo 2 event. Vanhanen said that he has friends that are Muslims.

When the talk show hostess Maria Veitola asked if Vanhanen could socialize with a Muslim woman, he answered:

– Sure.

Vanhanen didn’t want to talk about his own marital situation. When Veitola tried to ask whether or not Vanhanen was single, Vanhanen try to steer around it but finally said that “lets not discuss this topic.”

A More Multicultural Finland

Today,  Vanhanen, the president and CEO of the Family Business Alliance said that Finland is becoming more and more multicultural and the earth is getting smaller. He said that there are still some things that one should not backslide on.

– For example, forced marriage is not suitable for Finland, “Vanhanen said.

NOTE: Everybody and their brother who follow these issues know that Islam demands that Muslim women are to be out of bounds for the non-Muslim male. Muslim males however are free to marry non-muslim females because the children are deemed Muslim by birth.

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