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Slave doctor. There’s all kinds of stories like this, but with the difference being, a Muslim looks to his culture and ideology to find the proper backing for such behavior. Blacks are considered inferior in many Muslim countries. KGS

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Retired doctor ‘trafficked African woman to UK to keep as £10 a month slave, and fed her just two slices of bread a day’

Last updated at 6:55 AM on 8th March 2011
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  • Victim ‘fed just two slices of bread a day and slept on the floor’
  • ‘Slave’ claims she was forced to work 18 hours per day

A retired doctor trafficked an African woman into the UK and kept her as a ‘modern day slave’ for more than three years, a court heard today.

Saeeda Khan, 68, forced Mwanahanisi Mruke to sleep on the kitchen floor of her suburban London home and made her work from 5am until 11pm, jurors heard.

After bringing her into the country from Tanzania, she initially gave her an allowance of just £10 a month, before ceasing to pay her altogether, prosecutors said.

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  1. Let me get this straight . . .this doc kept her as a ‘modern day slave’ for more than three years, working more than 18 hours a day and only fed her two slices of bread per day ===>yet we are to believe the hefty gal represented in the photo isn’t stretching credibility a tad?

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