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This Here Openly Totalitarian Project

Jyllands-Posten 4 March 2011
By Morten Uhrskov Jensen
Translation by Henrik R. Clausen

The European Union is moving rapidly towards becoming a totalitarian empire. It is becoming a place where dissidents are to keep their mouths shut, unless they want to suffer the consequences in the form of punishments, fines, imprisonment and exclusion from the community.

European Union Dragon Skull: Democracy, eat your heart out!

In its newest initiative, the European Commission doesn’t even bother to conceal its intention. The title of it, which could not have been beaten by any great ideologist of the 20th century is:

Accept Pluralism

One cannot help but notice the imperative form here. This is no invitation to join in. This is no friendly proposal to behave in some particular way. This is a direct order.

Read it all here.

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