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Israel and its supporters of American Jews and Christians are not buying the snake oil salesman’s brew. Obama is delusional. It’s all those years of narcissistic behavior that keeps him from realizing that his “super intellect” is nothing more than a product of his own imagination. KGS

Obama: Israel shouldn’t be afraid of changes in Mideast

03/05/2011 19:27

Speaking to Jewish donors in Miami, US president says forces emerging in Egypt should be naturally aligned with Israel.

WASHINGTON – US President Barack Obama told Jewish donors in Miami on Friday that Israel and the United States should not be afraid of changes taking place in the Middle East.

Obama said that the world needs to be “sober” about the current transformation in the region but stressed that the West shouldn’t fear the future.

Speaking at a fund-raising dinner in Miami on Friday night, Obama said he told a group of Jewish leaders at the White House Tuesday: “We can’t be naïve about the changes that are taking place in the Middle East,” but “we should not be afraid of the possibilities of the future.”

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  1. The Obama administration is anti-American, anti-West. It’s not naivete, it’s a conscious intention to encourage an islamic caliphate. Any 12-year-old can understand the dangers, so ignorance cannot be the reason. Look at Obama’s radical background and his actions make perfect sense.

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