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Imam Anas Hajjar: “An imam trained in Finland will know Finland. But what’s really needed is an Islamic professorship in a university. And something like that would require a lot of support. A non-muslim cannot teach a muslim religious issues”.”

What this non-moderate taqiyya artist is actually defending, is the traditional Islamic supremacist view of the Muslim vis-a-vis the non-Muslim. Of course a learned non-believer can teach about religious issues, they do it all the time in the universities with Judaisim, Christianity and the rest, but for Hajjar, that’s completely out of the question.

He’s right of course, according to traditional Islamic jurisprudence which he fully supports. It would be interesting to learn what Anas Hajjar would think of sharia scholar, Sam Solomon’s booklet, A Proposed Charter of Muslim Understanding, (pdf) (non-pdf). would he dare sign it or toss it into the circular file? The TT bets on the latter. KGS

NOTE: Remember, this is the face of ‘moderate’ Islam in Finland.

Expert: Imam Education Requires Rethink

According to a German expert in Islam, more attention should be paid to the education of imams teaching in Finland. Mounir Azzaoui, Fellow of the German National Academic Foundation, warns that badly educated imams may have religious views which would not fit into Finnish society.

According to the Islamic Society of Finland, there are around 40 to 50 imams in Finland both teaching and conducting religious services at mosques and prayer rooms. Their educational backgrounds vary.

“Many have studied in their communities or in their home countries. What’s needed is a degree from an institute of higher education for all imams, says Anas Hajjar, imam from the Islamic Society of Finland.

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