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Saudi Arabia, a place where one can still visit the 7th century and not be in a museum. KGS


TSN: The brothers were being their sister’s keeper, who no doubt is some brainless cow that needed protection anyways. This is Saudi Arabia, we’ll handle the problem in the old fashioned way of blood payments or beheading.

Man kills brothers for refusing marriage to sister

By Staff
Published Saturday, March 05, 2011
A Saudi man killed two local brothers for refusing to let him marry their sister before he himself was shot and arrested, a local newspaper reported on Saturday.

The 37-year-old man waited for the two brothers to step out of their house in the central province of Alnabhaniya and opened fire at them with his machine gun, ‘Sharq’ Arabic language daily said.

Police chased the killer and captured him after a shootout, the paper said, adding he was under custody in hospital.

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  1. dude,
    im a huge fan of your blog, ive been creeping on it for a fair few months now. mad respect.
    but i really dont like the “who no doubt is a brainless cow who needs protection anyways”.
    wtf? come on now, more then anyone else in this scenario shes losing out. yea i get that the brothers died, but hell, some things are far worse then death and frankly, id rather die then live in saudi arabia.
    anyhow, been wanting to tell you that i really like what you’re doing…have a good one.
    your fan,

    1. That was sarcastic satire….the TSN broadcaster’s viewpoint. The mohammedan’s traditional viewpoint of the female. Sorry that didn’t come across clear enough. Anytime TSN is speaking, its from the Muslim’s POV, not mine.

  2. No one sounds as brainless as u do actually. How can u judge some1 u dont know at all as being a ‘brainless cow’! And what’s wrong wth being protected? Better than being so loose as here in the west and get raped and sexually harrassed for being half naked! U r such a pathetic stereotypical idiot!

    1. Harriet, read the comments above and your question will be answered.

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