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Abbas play the same game over and over again, “the settlements are everything, we won’t talk until Israel stops building.”, Then when Israel reluctantly stops building inside pre-existing settlements, Abbas and crew do nothing in the way of talking with Israel. They simply do not want to negotiate an end to the conflict, they want it all, and endless supply of funding from the West, while they try to wear down Israeli resolve. KGS

NOTE: The PA head thug calls for official state membership into the UN.

Abbas again rejects interim accord with Israel

Palestinian president Mahmoud Abbas reiterated on Saturday his rejection of any interim accord with Israel for a Palestinian state with provisional borders. “This project was already submitted to us and, if it is presented again, we will reject it again,” Abbas said at a news conference with visiting Chilean President Sebastian Pinera.


The initiative would stipulate a long-term “interim agreement” with the Palestinians, rather than negotiations, on a final settlement, Israeli media reported. Direct peace talks between the two sides broke down last autumn over an intractable dispute about persistent Jewish settlement expansion in the occupied West Bank.

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UPDATE: From Doc’s Talk: A Wikileak revelation

Israeli-Palestinian Peace Process: Status and Direction

Wikileaks and Palestinian leaks documentation accurately underscore the rationale for a reversal of US policy toward the Palestinians. Since the The Wikileaks emphasized that the “US and EU underestimated Palestinian Authority (PA) rejectionism”, US Government policy actions since the Wikileak revelations have been consistent with guidance to all US agencies to implement the policy changes that were highlighted in the Wikileaks. The documentation clearly underscores US recognition that the PA wasted 10 months of an Israeli settlement moratorium.

The Palestinian leadership failed to adhere to US warnings that unilateral Israeli concessions on the contested settlement issue would neither be possible, nor supported unless the Palestinian Authority (PA) recognized the imperative of the existence of a Jewish and Democratic state alongside a Palestinian state as the keystone of a two-state solution. The PA turned down US and Israeli policy initiatives and appeals on this existential issue. While the US emphasized the need for Israel to minimize provocative actions i.e., settlements in areas to be relinquished, Netanyahu Government pledged that Israeli settlement expansion would be limited, restrained, and responsible and significantly, not in areas outside territories to be ceded in a peace agreement. Given the revelations in the Palestinian Leaks, this Israeli Government pronouncement appears to be consistent with that pledge.

Although the PA has failed to take sufficient actions to halt incitement in classroom texts, maps, and domestic media, the US officially condemned Palestinian attempts to delegitimize Israel’s historical links to the Temple Mount Wailing Wall and stressed to PA interlocutors that indirect talks could not ultimately substitute for direct negotiations between both parties on all the key issues beside “settlements”, to include the “status of Jerusalem”, “right of return”, borders, and particularly, the validity of Israeli “security concerns” in light of its conflict with Hizballah in 2006, and Hamas’s incessant rocket attacks in 2009.

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