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Commenting on an article from a few weeks ago, a commenter from Miramichi Canada, writes to the Tundra Tabloids to complain that it took too tough of a stand against the group of Finns who stole a McDonalds clown from a restaurant and threatened to decapitate it if their demands weren’t met.


Cosmonaught Cumshot: Reading this article made me sick.

It wasn’t the content, which is hilarious. A very harmless parody stunt set up by a bunch of college kids trying to make a point, and an excellent example of how police time is wasted on very insignificant problems when much more important things require their attention.

No, what made me sick was the bullshit responses from ignorant posters.. This site is a fucking travesty. Year of truth about islam? There’s no truth on this entire site. Nothing but a bunch of ignorant hate and buzzword diplomacy. You people are pathetic.

“Proud supporters of Isreal and the US”

Way to go, you support the massacre of Palestine, Lebanon, and any other country that stands to get in Isreal’s “way” on their war path through the middle east. Funded by American ammunition and artillery.

You talk about extremism but you guys are all a bunch of extremist hate mongers. Your respective moms should have washed you from their cunts before it was too late.

Well Cos, while it was indeed a parody stunt, it was nonetheless a rather sick stunt that should offend anyone with a common sense of decency. Seeing that you defended it, that places you outside the majority. You also display an amazing lack of ignorance over the Middle East region and appear all too willing to deny Israel (that’s the right way to spell it by the way) the means to defend itself from its sworn enemies.

I take it that you’re a leftist weenie, not just by what you wrote, but how you describe yourself, Cosmonaught Cumshot. The one thing I can’t determine however, is the kind of rock you crawled out from underneath, how about helping us all out with that one?  KGS

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  1. “Nothing but a bunch of ignorant hate and buzzword diplomacy”

    I’m sorry, but hatred? No. Critical, cynical, sarcastic yes, but I can’t find any of that so called ignorant hate. Massacres in Palestine? How about looking at Hamas for killing their own people and Israeli civilians? Just yesterday their was a story about a Christian doctor being killed. A few days before that a story about sharia law enforcement. Never mind those kids in Sderot.
    Ignorant hate? I think not. It’s called a sense of reality.

    1. He’s a drive-by shooter, it takes little brains to aim and empty the cartridge.

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