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Just how deep does that sharia hole go? Fundamulsim organizations fear the draining of their swamps, shock over what might uncovered! KGS

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UPDATE: Congressman King: Subpoena the Assembly of Muslim Jurists of America (AMJA) (Andy Bostom)

Breaking! – Capitol Hill Alarmed Over Intimidation By Islamist Groups Preceding King Hearings

March 3, 2011 – San Francisco, CA – – The Hill is abuzz, swamped in a flurry of emails alleging that self-proclaimed moderate American Muslim groups are engaged in a furious campaign to intimidate those who speak out about the threat posed by Islamism and the spread of Shari’a, Islamic law.

The newest apparent victim, WMAL talker [and former Congressman, R, Iowa] Fred Grandy, who according, to the station simply resigned his position, “Fred Grandy has informed WMAL of his intention to resign from the station and its morning program…” [source,]

WMAL is part of Citadel Broadcasting Company and MediaSpan/MediaSpan Network.

Contradicting WMAL’s explanation for Grandy’s exit are published reports that Grandy was fired because of his outspokenness regarding Islamic radicalism here in the U.S. Fred’s wife, known on the program as Mrs. Fred, typically devoted Grandy’s Friday show to exposing the Islamists operating within our borders. [see, Pajamas Media,]

Below, a snippet from one of these Congressional emails, providing the tenor and level of concern.

“THIS IS ALL ABOUT FREE SPEECH…Fred Grandy and Mrs Fred are being silenced from talking about Radical Islam, Sharia Law and Muslim Brotherhood’s infiltration across America (ESPECIALLY Mrs. Fred who has been the leading force on this issue) … DON’T LET THIS STOP – SEND THIS TO EVERYONE YOU KNOW – we must make our voices heard NOW, BEFORE IT IS TO LATE – our freedoms are under attack. Thank God for the Grandys’ who have been outspoken on this issue – when no one else has dared to “go there” as they have.”

As we have noted repeatedly on these pages, America’s Islamist groups are quaking over the prospect of being outed by the King hearings and the related investigations which will surely follow.

Their sentiments are entirely understandable, they have much to fear.

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  1. via Right Side News:

    <a href="Did Muslim Lobby Force Firing of Popular Radio Host?

    Washington, D.C. radio station WMAL is once again being accused of firing a popular talk-show host because of his criticism of radical Muslims. The station, a major source of news and information for the nation’s capital, claims that popular morning host Fred Grandy resigned on his own, but Grandy tells AIM that he was essentially forced to leave after his wife, who is also outspoken about radical Islam, was cut from the program.

    The growing controversy over Grandy’s departure has resulted in some Grandy supporters charging the station with being “Sharia-compliant,” a reference to Islamic law, and with bending under pressure from the Council on American Islamic-Relations (CAIR), a Muslim lobbying organization that combats what it calls “Islamophobia” in the media.

    Grandy, a former actor and Republican member of Congress, told AIM, “My wife and I have used our program over the last several months to warn about the spread of radical Islam at home and abroad. Last week, Catherine (known on the show as Mrs. Fred) delivered a very tough indictment against stealth jihad, and for her efforts she was told she was off the show. I then told management without Mrs. Fred at the microphone, I could not remain either and have resigned effective this morning.”

  2. So, we still can’t find any of those “moderate” Muslims who willingly cooperate with American law enforcement, FBI etc. to ferret out the radicals among them, eh? Now they can’t tolerate a radio program that warns Americans about the enemy within. That’s because moderate Muslims don’t exist. As the Turkish Prime Minister Erdogan said, “There is no moderate Islam. Islam is Islam, period”.

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