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  1. As usual the PC dupes in the MSM have drank the ‘Kool Aid” that the so-called Muslim Brotherhood is a moderate Muslim group. After they wouldn’t want to be considered ‘Islamaphobic or anti Muslim. They pander to the Brotherhood thinking is will give them a pass in the ME. It is strange that they seem totally blind to the fact of how their fellow journalists are treated in Islamic countries for questioning authority or daring to tell the truth. IMHO the Muslim Brotherhood the fifth column of the Islamofasist movement, devious, cunning , and deceptive. I get a big laugh of the the line about ‘business suits’ many a gangster wore a 3 piece suit while mowing down the opposition with automatic weapons from a luxury car.

    1. Exactly BF, the media buys it for a couple of different reasons, they are both intimidated and ideologically driven.

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